Who Owns The US Federal Reserve?

  The real villains are at the heart of our economic and cultural life  are the dynastic families who own and control the Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve and many associated cartels.  Plus the many recent Graphic images of Christians being martyred world wide are harrowing reminders that this world is constantly threatened […]


One of THE Biggest Bible Prophecies Was Fulfilled on Sept. 11th 2014  . Daniel 7:7 “After this I saw in the night visions, and behold, a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, exceedingly strong. It had huge iron teeth; it was devouring, breaking in pieces, and trampling the residue with its feet. It was different from […]

Ukraine plays dirty again

  “ Already, the Ukrainian government had cut off pensions for all those living inside the rebel-held zone, stopped paying public service salaries and sharply increased the inspection of shipments coming in and out of the area — to the point that humanitarian groups have complained that it was affecting crucial relief shipments  . . […]

Gazprom to cut supplies to and through Ukraine

Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian state energy giant Gazprom to cut supplies to and through Ukraine amid accusations, according to The Daily Mail, that its neighbor has been siphoning off and stealing Russian gas. Due to these “transit risks for European consumers in the territory of Ukraine,” Gazprom cut gas exports to Europe by 60%, plunging the continent into an […]

What no media talks about in Eastern Ukraine

OBAMA IS A MUSLIM WHO HATES CHRISTIANS, RUSSIAN ORTHODOX ONES TOO Ukraine’s East-West Conflict- Rebllion: Religion, is part of it, It’s That Simple In a poll conducted by Kyiv International Institute of Sociology in the first half of February 2014, 25.8% of those polled in East Ukraine believed “Ukraine and Russia must unite into a […]

How effective are the trade embargos against Russia?

“We’re upholding the principle that bigger nations can’t bully the small — by opposing Russian aggression, supporting Ukraine’s democracy and reassuring our Nato allies. Last year, as we were doing the hard work of imposing sanctions along with our allies, some suggested that Putin’s aggression was a masterful display of strategy and strength. Well, today, […]

Ukraine again snubbed an offered peace plan

“The sooner this regime in Ukraine falls, the more lives will be saved” A Facebook user wrote on his page about how, while meeting a cousin at the train station, he saw two categories of passengers on the platform: young men in camouflage, headed East, obviously, to participate in the so-called Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO), and […]

Why does the New York Times lie about Putin and Russia

. As most Russians now see it and many others worldwide too  America still seeks an  unipolar/New World Order dominance with all nations bowing to its will thus a Longstanding US policy calls for world wide  regime change, Ordinary people are manipulated like pawns,  so even Russia next  is in the eye of the US storm. They want Russia co-opted. […]

Cyber Warfare

Sadly there is no life without conflict,  A WEBSITE affiliated with pro-Russia hackers took responsibility for an online attack that brought down key German government websites, including that of Chancellor Angela Merkel, for several hours. German officials said Ms Merkel’s website, http://www.bundeskanzlerin.de  as well as that of the German government, the lower house of parliament, […]

Christmas In Russia with Putin

The Russian Orthodox Church uses the Julian calendar and celebrates Christmas on January 7. This year, the Russian president Vladimir Putin  celebrated the holiday in Russia’s Otradnoye village near the southern city of Voronezh, where he attended a Christmas service at a local church.  . The Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in […]