UKRAINE’S REALITY – Smoke and mirror

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Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Report on the human rights situation in Ukraine 15 December 2014 accuses the Ukrainian government Kiev forces of torture, inhumane treatment of civilians


In case you did not notice the Ukrainian government and it’s supporters lie a lot, all the time.


Ukraine is a very poor and corrupt country . It has been robbed internally for decades now too and the vast corruption still is ongoing..  What is not controversial is that grand corruption flourished in Ukraine before the revolution and remains endemic now, with devastating consequences for the population’s welfare. 


Most economist criticizes Ukraine’s bloated public expenditures, corrupt taxation Ukraine has done nothing to tackle corruption;  A member of the House of Representatives foreign relations committee, Steve Stockman, appealed to US investigators to look into corruption in Ukraine related to hard-currency bonds, RBK-Ukrayina reports Nov…

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