Cyber Warfare

Sadly there is no life without conflict, 

A WEBSITE affiliated with pro-Russia hackers took responsibility for an online attack that brought down key German government websites, including that of Chancellor Angela Merkel, for several hours. German officials said Ms Merkel’s website,  as well as that of the German government, the lower house of parliament, and the foreign ministry, started going down intermittently around 10am Berlin time. Those of the chancellor and the foreign ministry remained inaccessible until midafternoon, but all four were working by early evening. Such blocking has often done by flooding a website with incoming messages in what’s known as a distributed denial-of-service attack.


A group of pro-Russia hackers calling itself CyberBerkut took responsibility for the attack in a notice on its website. Berkut was the name of Ukraine’s former special police force. Pro-Russia activists, mainly in Ukraine’s east, have rallied behind the Berkut as a symbol of defiance against the pro-Western movement.


The hacker group, whose whereabouts is unknown, has objected to the new Ukrainian authorities. It has hacked or temporarily blocked dozens of websites in Ukraine and abroad, including the website of the Polish president, according to the group’s claims.


“We address the people and the government of Germany with the demand to stop financial and political support of the criminal regime in Kiev, which unleashed the bloody civil war,” CyberBerkut said in a note on their website yesterday. The website was referring to the violent clashes in eastern Ukraine, where the armed conflict between government forces and pro-Russia insurgents has claimed more than 4700 lives since April.


The hacker group has also released documents it said included private email exchanges between Ukrainian officials, and papers on military cooperation between the US and Ukraine.



The CIA tortured a German it mistook for a terrorist


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