Why does the New York Times lie about Putin and Russia



As most Russians now see it and many others worldwide too  America still seeks an  unipolar/New World Order dominance with all nations bowing to its will thus a Longstanding US policy calls for world wide  regime change, Ordinary people are manipulated like pawns,  so even Russia next  is in the eye of the US storm. They want Russia co-opted. Contained. Isolated. Weakened. Decapitated. Controlled. Balkanized. Plundered.  The US strategy is multi-faceted. Including subversion. Destabilization. Mass surveillance. Blitzkrieg propaganda.   Obama is going all-out to topple the Russian  government.But he is not doing so well in Russia and Hitler too did not.


US-instigated color revolutions achieved regime change in Serbia (2000/2001). Georgia (2003). Ukraine (2004). Kyrgyzstan (2005). Ukraine (2014). Now billions of dollars by  the U.S. were even spent in western Ukraine in order to turn the government towards the EU, making full use of the Maidan protests to force out the elected Ukrainian government and replacing it with a government overseen by neo-Nazis supported by many U.S. diplomats, including Assistant Secretary of State.


Then there are the over 800 U.S. military bases of different kinds scattered throughout the majority of the world’s countries.


Russia is almost encircled by military bases, has constant U.S. surveillance, and NATO—against the agreement of the U.S. after the unification of Germany—has itself encroached its territory right up to the Russian border,


Problems in the Russian  relations with the NATO, US had started to accrue long before before the Ukrainian crisis. Putin has blamed the  illegal sanctions and manipulated oil prices for Russia’s present economic woes. “They will always try to chain the bear,” he said. “And once it’s chained, they’ll rip out its teeth and claws.”  “They’ll stuff it. And start to put their hands on its Taiga (Siberian forest belt). We’ve heard statements from Western officials that Russia owning Siberia (isn’t) fair.” “Russia pays the cost of remaining a nation, a civilization and a state.”  “The White House has set a course for confrontation, blaming Russia for all sins in connection with the Ukrainian crisis that they had provoked to a significant extent.” So  Russophobia, “politicized discrimination” against Russia and its people,  rages today. Russia is also irresponsibly blamed for Ukrainian crisis conditions. Washington is suppressing hard truths, featuring Big Lies.  US-led NATO “continues its course toward containing Russia. Steps are taken to strengthen (its) military capacity at Russia’s borders.” US policies include NATO’s increased Eastern European presence. Provocative military exercises close to Russia’s borders.  Thousands of missions near its airspace. American ships in Black Sea waters


On 8 January 2015, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk  told a German TV channel, “I will not allow the Russians to march across Ukraine and Germany, as they did in WWII.”  Now only the untaught do not know that it was Hitler’s Nazi Germany that invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941. Moreover most honest people do know   that the Red Army played a  major  role in saving Europe from prolonged Nazi rule, only a for or a   liar like Mr. Yatsenyuk would say, “We all very well remember the Soviet invasion of Ukraine and Germany, and we have to avoid it.” The Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk is either a racist or a liar who spreads his filthy propaganda about Russians and Russian history to all people but  what are we to call the editors, columnists and reporters at the New York Times, who do the very same thing? and why? They likely are filled with gays and support the gays.. which Russia does not. Thus there are the many lies the New York Times wants you to believe about Russia


In March, the New York Times editors featured his op-ed headlined ”How to Punish Putin.” Irresponsibly accusing him of empty promises. Lying about invading Ukraine.


The Standard North American and Western European history textbooks give students the impression that WW2 in Europe was a fight between Germany, the USSR, France and the UK, with the US getting involved later. The other countries where the war was fought are, largely, regarded as victims of Germany. This is overly simplistic. In reality, undeniably Germany wasn’t alone in its invasion of the USSR in 1941. Forces from Romania, Finland, Italy, Hungary and Slovakia also took part and West Ukrainian elements collaborated with Hitler’s war machine.


Now we all can know that Eastern Ukrainians lie a lot  https://thenonconformer.wordpress.com/2014/09/30/ukraines-reality/


Also “the Times reached a new Russophobic low when it published propaganda designed to whitewash evidence that President Yanukovych was overthrown in a violent and illegal coup.  It was written by the same reporters, Andrew Higgins and Andrew E. Kramer, who performed similar hatchet jobs for the Times, when reporting on the actual events in Kiev during the period February 18-21, 2014 — which led to the coup of February 22. Even worse, however, was their failure to identify the ideological affiliations of those persons who formed the militant groups — called the “hundreds” (sotni) — that did much to transform a previously peaceful demonstration into a violent confrontation. Now the CIA was active on the ground in Kiev and collaborating with a small circle of opposition figures” (Nazemroaya, Flashpoint in Ukraine, p. 93).”


Mr. Higgins and Mr. Kramer have nothing to say about CIA involvement.  Is it a coincidence that Kiev’s coup regime also has failed to investigate the killing of the police? After all, “A parliament member from the Maidan opposition stated that he had received a phone call from a Berkut commander shortly after 7:00 AM that 11 members of his police unit were wounded by shooters from the Music Conservatory building.” After the parliament member notified Mr. Parubiy, a Maidan Self-Defense search was conducted, but no shooters were found. However, within 30 minutes after Parubiy’s supposed inspection, the Berkut commander called again to report that his casualties had increased to 21 wounded and three killed” (Katchanovski p. 21). Professor Katchanovski  also now presented his paper to a seminar in Ottawa, Canada on 1 October 2014    The massacre of several dozen Maidan protesters on February 20, 2014 was a turning point in Ukrainian politics and a tipping point in the escalating conflict between the West andRussia over Ukraine. The mass killing of the protesters and the mass shooting of the police that preceded it led to the overthrow of the highly corrupt and pro-Russian but democratically electedgovernment of Viktor Yanukovych and gave a start to a large-scale violent conflict thatcontinues now in Donbas in Eastern Ukraine. http://www.academia.edu/8776021/The_Snipers_Massacre_on_the_Maidan_in_Ukraine


If Professor Katchanovski is correct, then the entire Times investigation is misdirected. Consequently, until the Times seriously addresses the issue of the snipers, its reporting even on the regime change in Kiev should be viewed with the same skepticism and it’s anti  Russian crap. So much disinformation about Putin and Russia  is circulated on their platform and why?


Now speaking  about the Russians, according to data recently released by the Organization for Co-operation and Development (OECD),” the Russians are some the most educated people in the world. “More than half of Russian adults held tertiary degrees in 2012 — the equivalent of college degree in the United States — more than in any other country reviewed” (USA Today, Sept. 13, 2014).


Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper  is so “full of calumny, propaganda, canards, double standards, dissimulations, narrow minded thinking, and outright lies, pure crap, neo-Conservative’s spin doctoring, that it can only stand as a masterpiece of controlled deception”




Western Leaders  are falsely doing their best to make Putin and Russia the ‘evil other’ in spite of all the information to the contrary that it is the west—through its attempts at global hegemony, full spectrum dominance militarily, financial dominance—that is creating the problems around the world today.


The New York Tomes is functioning as a weapon of mass deception,  writing daily propaganda rubbish. quasi-official propaganda ministry. Offering a daily diet of Misleading garbage,  managed news misinformation rubbish. On issues mattering the most. Currently bashing Russia relentlessly. Targeting Putin irresponsibly. Practically labeling him public enemy number one. Backing fascists running Ukraine. Times editors are relentless. Repeating one Big Lie after another. Claiming Putin invaded Crimea. Caused Ukrainian crisis conditions.



For Crimea itself, there was no invasion, their security forces were already there and  no invasion was required. As for the Russian annexation, it was voted overwhelmingly in favor by the citizens of Crimea.


Remember 9/11 and the Weapons of Mass Destruction? there were none!  Unfortunately, the West risks repeating the mistakes of Cuba, Vietnam and Iraq in the current Ukraine crisis. The US is dragging us all even now into needless wars.


“If there really was a secret deal to break Russia with the price of oil then “Everything has backfired if it really was a plan to put pressure on Putin…pretty well wiping out the shale industry [in England], over in America as well.” The shale industry is 20 percent high yield junk bonds tied into the financial markets which are supported only by the massive money printing by the Fed, the Japanese, and the EU. That debt load makes many businesses and the markets “Really dangerous,” partly as “Emerging markets are getting absolutely hammered,” with “huge amounts of foreign exchange currency debt denominated in dollars,” creating “a global crisis in the making” should those junk bonds and currencies fail.”


Rven The Toronto Star, Canada’s largest circulation daily newspaper, is running with the neo-conservative government in Ukraine and the extreme right-wing parties and paramilitary militias with which the government is allied. ​That’s the conclusion that comes from reading the newspaper’s editorial opinion, its highly selective news offerings, and the articles of Star journalists that have been promoting the causes of the extreme-right in Ukraine. As in the rest of mainstream media, the overriding theme of writing and publishing in the Star is that the war in eastern Ukraine is a war of “aggression” by Russia and “pro-Russian rebels”. Twice in the past month, the Star has published articles by its journalists promoting the campaigns of the far right in Ukraine. Thelatest such article appeared on January 14, by Star foreign affairs writer Olivia Ward. 

It champions the cause of one Nadiya Savchenko, a member of the far-right ‘Aidar’ paramilitary battalion who has been in jail in Russia since June 2014.  Savchenko is a staunch ideologue of the war in eastern Ukraine. She took a “vacation” from her posting in the armed forces in order to join the Aidar Battalion and see action, not long after Kyiv launched its civil war in the east in April 2014. She was already known as one of only two women in Ukraine to volunteer and served in the U.S.-led war in Iraq in 2003. She is a trained pilot in the Ukrainian air force.  Savchenko faces criminal charges that she directed mortar fire in the Luhansk region on June 17 causing the deaths of two Russian journalistswho were reporting on the conditions of war refugees in eastern Ukraine. Two other journalists, a Russian and Italian, were also killed by battalion mortars one month earlier, on May 24. How can the neighbouring governments of Ukraine in eastern Europe or a skeptical public in western Europe and North America be convinced of the mission of a government in Kyiv going to war against its own people? Kyiv and its think-tank advisors from NATO countries have turned to a time-worn prop—the ‘anti-terrorist’ ideology of the post 9/11/2001 world.   Amnesty International is one of several human rights agencies to lift the veil of respectability that Western governments and media have accorded to the fascist battalions. It issued a statement on December 24condemning Aidar and other battalions for blocking humanitarian shipments from Ukraine into eastern Ukraine. An earlier statement by Amnesty on Sept. 8 detailed “war crimes” it accuses Aidar of perpetrating in Luhansk, the region where Nadiya Savchenko was arrested. Few Western media are reporting the uncomfortable details on the far-right in Ukraine because that gets in the way of the ‘blame Russia’ editorial narrative. Some well-known journalists in the world (though none from Canada) have distinguished themselves in exposing how Western media outlets like the New York Times, Washington Post and The Guardian are playing with fire in eastern Europe by supporting Kyiv’s ruinous war in eastern Ukraine and slamming Russia with an economic embargo and provocative military threats. Robert Parry of Consortium News, Patrick Smith, John Pilger and the writer for Counterpunch come to mind. Canada’s print media cartel as well as the country’s public broadcaster, the CBC, are firmly in the camp of Kyiv’s and NATO’s war in eastern Ukraine, serving as mouthpieces for a crazy and reckless policy of confrontation with Russia that threatens war and is tipping Europe into an economic slump. Their propaganda effort is in high gear, once again, in recent days .  Progressive and antiwar Canadians need to speak in larger and louder numbers against Ottawa’s and NATO’s pro-war course. The stakes are just too high to act otherwise.



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