What no media talks about in Eastern Ukraine



Ukraine’s East-West Conflict- Rebllion: Religion, is part of it, It’s That Simple

In a poll conducted by Kyiv International Institute of Sociology in the first half of February 2014, 25.8% of those polled in East Ukraine believed “Ukraine and Russia must unite into a single state”, nationwide this percentage was  only 12.5. Why so low?

Ukraine’s population is overwhelmingly Christian; the vast majority – up to two-thirds – identify themselves as Orthodox .


Ukraine  has two national Catholic Churches: the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is the largest Eastern Catholic Church in the world. The Roman Catholic Church is half the size in Ukraine.  The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church accounts for 8-10%, and the ; Muslim and Jewish adherents each compose less than 1% of the total population (est.)


Among the Protestant denominations, the most common in Ukraine is the All-Ukrainian Union of Evangelical Christian Baptists  and the Ukrainian Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith-Pentecostals . In addition to these major denominations, there are other Protestant and neo-Protestant communities.


The eastern part of the country, stretching from Kharkiv Oblast, to the border regions of Donetsk and Luhansk and to the Crimean Peninsula, is  predominantly Russian, Orthodox.


Indeed, major cities in the east are largely Russian-speaking industrial hubs and the autonomous Crimean Republic is overwhelmingly Russian-speaking. Most of the people there are non Catholics.


Most of the Christians in Ukraine and Eastern Ukraine are Orthodox Christians. More than 90 percent of religiously active citizens were Christians, the majority Orthodox.  From  the overly  18 million people living Eastern Ukraine there only  60,000 are Roman Catholics.


Noticeable cultural differences in the Eastern region compared with the rest of Ukraine  are more “positive views” on the Russian language  and more “negative views” on Ukrainian nationalism. Where the Ukrainian Culture is often viewed as a “cult”


Russian continues to dominate in several regions of Ukraine  and in Ukrainian businesses, in leading Ukrainian magazines, and other printed media. Russian language in Ukraine and the Orthodox religion still dominates the everyday life in many areas of the country.


The new government in Greece took Brussels to task for threatening to slap more sanctions on Moscow without consulting Athens. The new Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias has said sanctions against Russia aren’t in Greece’s interests  Greece’s apparent support of Russia has  entrenched its apparent collision course with European leaders . Russia and Greece have a history of cordial relations and cultural ties, such as their shared Orthodox Christianity.  Russia’s agriculture minister suggested that if Greece left the euro zone, Russia could help the country by lifting a ban on Greek food exports imposed in retaliation for EU sanctions on Russia.

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