7,500 Ukrainian soldiers facing criminal charges by the war mongerers

Ukraine’s parliament has passed a law which authorizes commanding officers to use physical force against army defectors. It comes as the latest military draft has seen a lack of enthusiasm on the part of potential soldiers. Nearly 7,500 Ukrainian soldiers are already facing criminal charges for evading military service. Ukraine  had  began a military assault on eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk and Lugansk regions in April 2014, after they refused to recognize the country’s new, coup-imposed authorities. Following a period of calm and hopes that the Minsk negotiations conducted in September 2014 were bearing fruit, Kiev launched a new assault on the militia-held areas on January 18. Since then, eastern Ukraine has suffered constant shelling. Among the latest incidents, a hospital in Donetsk was hit on Wednesday. Local authorities said more than 15 people were feared dead in the attack. According to UN estimates, over 5,000 people have died since the conflict started.    Ukraine is in a “dire”  situation, and  is failing “miserably” in its seriousness to negotiate an end to the crisis.


” The head of the Ukrainian security service, Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, said at a news conference on Wednesday that the accused spy, Lt. Col. Mykhailo Chornobai, had been at the center of an espionage ring in the capital and had passed military secrets directly to an agent of the separatist Donetsk People’s Republic, including the locations of volunteer regiments that were then used to pinpoint artillery attacks. The arrest further deepened mistrust of the leadership in Kiev that is already pervasive among the poorly equipped rank-and-file soldiers and mid level commanders fighting on the front line. And it reinforced a view prevalent on the battlefield that the military leadership cannot be trusted to manage any weapons delivered by Western allies because of their ties to the Russian military and security service, the F.S.B.”


Ruslan Kotsaba posted a video addressed to the Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, last week in which he said he would rather go to prison for five years for draft-dodging than fight pro-Russia rebels in the country’s east. Now he faces 15 years in jail after being arrested for treason and obstructing the military. Amnesty International has called on Ukrainian authorities to free the journalist immediately and declared him a prisoner of conscience.



European defense officials warned lately  that arming Ukraine in its fight against pro-Russian separatists would only inflame the conflict, but NATO in response does not agree as clearly it wants a War. “If it is true that it cannot be solved militarily, then I think we should focus our efforts on the other things. There is already a large number of weapons in the region and I don’t see that this has made a military solution more likely.  The problem is that I cannot imagine any situation in which improved equipment for the Ukrainian army leads to President Putin being so impressed that he believes he will lose militarily,” she said. “I have to put it that bluntly.”  German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  The German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen also voiced Europe’s misgivings about this strategy: “Are we sure we would be improving the situation for the people in Ukraine by delivering weapons? Are we really sure that Ukraine can win against the Russian military machine?” “And would this not be an excuse for Russia to intervene openly in the conflict?” asked the German minister. Britain also fears that sending weapons could “escalate the conflict”, the British counterpart Michael Fallon. NATO’s top military commander, Gen. Philip Breedlove,  he is – as the New York Times reported this week – among the U.S. officials who favor providing defensive arms and equipment to Ukraine’s military. NATO itself has no weapons; any decision to send arms to Kyiv is a matter for its member countries. Giving lethal weapons to Ukraine is an option opposed by European nations would merely make the situation worse  as the War escalates so will all of the economies downfall .


Ukraine’s internal war effort costs $7 million a day, a $2.5 billion yearly expense that is cutting into a budget decimated by reduced revenues related to the fighting,  the ongoing conflict, the military and financial impact of the war is being felt deeply across the nation that is already suffering with the ongoing internal Ukrainian corruptions. and the loss of production and trade. lost 20% of industrial output — most of Ukraine’s mines are in Donetsk.  While only 7% of Ukrainian territory is impacted by the fighting, this War spending, which includes items not directly associated with the day-to-day costs of the fighting, now eats up 5.2% of the national budget, compared with just 1% in 2013.  “Western sanctions intended to punish Russia for its support of separatists are harming Ukraine, too. But it also allows Ukraine to receive a cash injection that is needed to save its failing economy. Ukraine’s currency, the hryvnia, is tanking — it plummeted 50 percent last week, causing a spike in inflation. Military operations are draining the country’s coffers. Foreign investors, weary of uncertainty, are staying away. Trade with Russia — its largest partner — has dried up, strangling Ukraine’s industrial base”.  Ukraine’s economy is highly dependent on Russia across a range of sectors, A third of its 2013 exports went to Russia.  Europe mostly buys metal ore, ferrous metals, grain, and other agricultural goods from Ukraine. Russia, by contrast, imports machinery, transport services, and industrial products — i.e. value-added goods and services that tend to provide not only more jobs but also higher-paying ones.”   Real Peace is more important for Ukraine in the short to medium term than Western support — even more important than the lethal aid that the US Sen. John McCain is demanding, let alone the helmets and body armor that the US Joe  Biden had  delivered.


The Russian President Vladimir Putin’s adviser Yuri Ushakov said his nation was “ready for a constructive conversation” aimed at stabilizing the situation, establishing a dialogue between the Ukrainian government and the rebels and rebuilding economic ties between eastern Ukraine and Kiev.


Putin was conspicuously absent from the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the Nazi death camp, one of the Red Army’s triumphs in 1945.  Putin held his own celebration in Moscow, to the loud cheering of the public — united in denunciation of the European lack of gratitude for Russia’s sacrifices.   The deputy prime minister, Igor Shuvalov, accused the West of imposing sanctions on Russia to topple Putin. Shuvalov insisted Russians are ready for sacrifices — economic and military — to support their president.


obama 2  (4c)

The plan of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande to resolve the conflict in the Donbas includes the non-alignment and federalization of Ukraine which Ukraine opposes. Thugs like to try to profit more with a war.




TRYING TO EXCLUDE  RUSSIA IN ORDER TO MAXIMIZE PROFITS IS GREED   The effort by the oil elites to EXCLUDE Russia from majority Russian regions, and from areas that she has traditionally considered to be a part of her own “sphere of influence” is perversity. :Still, many Americans would probably think that the risk might be worth it. After all, isn’t all this about matters of “national policy,” “national interest,” “geopolitics,” “economic self-sufficiency,” etc. – in other words, “big things” and “big ideas?” The fact is, once one gets beyond the rhetoric of “national interest” and “geopolitical concerns,” what it’s really all about is the selfishness, stinginess and greed of a very small number of people who possess a casual willingness to sacrifice the lives of POOR American soldiers  to serve their ends.  It isn’t about cheap gas, but investor profits  profits that are flowing into the coffers of an extremely small number of elite American (and to a lesser degree, Dutch, British and other Western) investors who control the world’s oil conglomerates and consortiums that are the principle players in the Caucasus and Central Asia – Shell, BP, Chevron, EXXON, Mobile, etc. The fact of the matter is, United States foreign policy as it relates to the Ukraine, and the Caucasus is being run out of the offices of Amoco, Exxon, Bechtel, Chevron, Mobil, Shell, BP, Unocal, etc. not for the benefit of average Americans. There is no democracy here. What matters here is the “Almighty dollar” and the “bottom line.” Investor profits! – that’s what it is all about!

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper would have us believe that he’s all about the Arctic.  He can’t get enough of the place.  Visits every summer.  He’s especially fond of watching the local Rangers fire their WWII-vintage Lee Enfield rifles at imaginary Speznatz storm troopers, a powerful demonstration of Canadian sovereignty. Steve will also tell us of the perils of Vlad Putin’s bomber patrols and those Russkie’s schemes to grab the oil, gas and mineral-rich Arctic seabed right out of our fingers.  After all, that’s why Sideshow Steve promised that Canada would deploy eight, or at least six, Arctic patrol ships.  Real Made-in-Canada warships courtesy of Nova Scotia’s Irving Shipyards. Yes, that Irving.  The same bunch that run most of the media plus the oil refineries, lumber mills and just about everything else that, to mega-millionaires, is worth owning in the Maritimes.  From the get go the Arctic patrol vessel programme has, in standard Harper style, been short on details and long on doublespeak.



Paul the Apostle said of them: “… they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.” (I Tim. 6:9)

And the Apostle Peter said of those who desire wealth (i.e., who are covetous), “These are wells without water, clouds that are carried (about) with a tempest; to whom the mist of darkness is reserved for ever.” (2 Pet. 2:17)

Now we would all do well to examine ourselves insofar as our relationship with MONEY is concerned – and if we don’t take great care to conduct this examination carefully and honestly, the only person we will be cheating in the long run is ourselves. Of course, insofar as God is concerned, it doesn’t really matter what we do. His plans do not exist for our convenience – they will come to pass whether we approve of them or not. In the long run, it only matters to us –

Jesus said:
“Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?”Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they? “Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?”And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:”And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.”Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?”Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?”(For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.”But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. (Matt. 6:24-34)


The Bible says,
“They that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in DESTRUCTION and PERDITION.”For the love of money is the root of ALL evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. “But thou, O man of God, flee these things [i.e., money] …” (1 Timothy 6:9-11)

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will HATE the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and DESPISE the other. YE CANNOT SERVE GOD AND MAMMON.” (Matthew 6:24)


Following his meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, Kerry told journalists it was impossible to ignore “tanks crossing the border from Russia” and “Russian fighters in unmarked uniforms crossing the border, and leading individual companies of so-called separatists in battle.” “I say it every time: if you are so sure in stating that, confirm it with facts. But no one can or wants to provide them,” Russian Foreign Minister.   http://rt.com/news/229551-us-kerry-ukraine-weapons/


an uproar in Berlin and other European capitals, stoking concern that the Obama administration will take steps others are not ready for. In Putin’s view, the United States, the European Union and NATO have launched an economic and proxy war in Ukraine to weaken Russia and push it into a corner. As Valery Gerasimov, chief of staff of the Russian armed forces, has underscored, this is a hybrid, 21st-century conflict, in which financial sanctions, support for oppositional political movements and propaganda have all been transformed from diplomatic tools to instruments of war. Putin likely believes that any concession or compromise he makes will encourage the West to push further. Anyone who argues that Putin’s wartime rhetoric is a bluff is making a very risky assumption. The United States is on a dangerous trajectory in its relations with Russia, a nuclear superpower that believes itself to be under direct threat… the Ukrainians won’t be the only ones caught in an escalating military conflict with Russia. ..    some Russian security analysts are now pushing for a preemptive invasion of Ukraine, arguing that Russia should go all the way to Kiev before the West takes further action. One recent such plan suggested that Moscow was losing momentum in the conflict and should not waste more time on fruitless negotiations. The Western press coverage of the issue of lethal weapons can only convince those in Moscow pushing “full war and invasion now” that their approach is correct.    http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/giving-weapons-to-ukraine-could-goad-putin-into-a-regional-war/2015/02/05/ec2e9680-abf5-11e4-ad71-7b9eba0f87d6_story.html


U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration Pressuring others toward sending arms to Ukraine to help it fight Ukraine rebels ,  to block further offensives from these separatists and  for Russia to give up Crimea is foolish, naive too. Russia will never give up Crimea. 


” While the United States has provided weapons to allies in similarly unstable circumstances, including in Afghanistan and Iraq, Russia’s long historical ties to the Ukrainian military and security apparatus present an unusual challenge.”


If Ukraine, with the help of U.S. armaments, begins a further war towards the  rebels on the ground, Russia would be compelled to send its own troops.  The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said  a U.S. decision to arm Ukraine would not only escalate the situation but “threatens the security of the Russian Federation.”  The Stupid people from the West who are advocating to up the ante by sending lethal aid to Ukraine are betting that this will cause Putin to throw up his hands and surrender, but  this is never going to happen. This this conflict will not be settled in a military way without World War III.  Even the U.S. Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove, the top NATO commander,  said  that arming Ukraine “could trigger a more strident reaction from Russia.”  German Chancellor Angela Merkel,  and French President Francois Hollande among many are  opposed to arming Ukraine.  “Both Paris and Berlin are opposed to armed support to Ukraine,” Many fear weapons provided to Ukraine will eventually get into the wrong hands anyway as they have in the past.


The absurd U.S.  hope that a strengthened Ukraine army and significant casualties on the Russian side would break Putin’s resolve on all of this is ludicrous too.  Putin has already shown that the western sanctions are no threat to Russia and pressuring Putin on the battlefield  you are asking for really serious trouble.


The new Greek government  has voiced it’s opposition to NATO membership in the past,” and demonstrates that they are  willing to engage differently with Moscow.  Greece might block the further extension of sanctions against Russia following the escalation of violence in Ukraine, case, the signals from the Tsipras government have been decidedly pro-Russia.


Over the year, Russia has been increasing its military cooperation with non-NATO members, including China, India, North Korea, and Iran.


India wants France to stick to the original terms of its deal to buy Rafale fighter jets, or it might call it off. If the manufacturers fail to comply, India may opt for the Russian designed Su-30 currently being produced domestically.  France’s Dassault Aviations won the MMRCA contract in 2012. The original conditions implied production of the initial 18 aircraft in France, with the remaining 108 to be manufactured at the state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL) facility in India under a technology transfer agreement. The license for 108 aircraft to be produced in India supposed 74 Rafales would be rolled out in a single-seat version and 34 aircrafts would be twin-seat. But things have changed over the three years of negotiation, with the price tag rising from $12 billion to $20 billion. Also, so far Dassault has been reluctant to guarantee that HAL would have a license to build 108 fighters in India, as required by the original IAF tender and in the guidelines of the “Make in India” national policy.



















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