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The UKRAINIAN  government has avoided officially declaring a state of war, instead referring to the WAR operations in the east as an anti-terrorism operation. Part of the reason for this is the fact that Kiev would have trouble securing a much-needed support package from the International Monetary Fund if it was officially at war.  Let’s be clear about it the  Ukraine, the prostitute, had temporarily agreed to the peace terms to get  more money from  the International Monetary Fund, which on Thursday announced $17.5 bn in assistance for Ukraine,  the financial package was used  to press Poroshenko into accepting the peace terms. The World Bank also had said  it would provide Ukraine with up to $2 billion in support in 2015, with assistance focused on aiding the poor, supporting reforms and fighting corruption. “It is vital that Ukraine undertakes comprehensive reforms quickly,” the World Bank president, Jim Yong Kim. Ukraine temporarily had agreed to a peace process with pro-Russian separatists, but still is rearming and prepared for war. Ukraine  backed by the US proxy hybrid war still looks for any excuse to considering scrapping the agreed upon peace and will renegade on the  the autonomy offer to the Ukrainian rebels. 



Ukraine’s OWN  President  Petro Poroshenko   has warned that the UKRAINIAN separatist war in east Ukraine will spiral out of control soon. The number of casualties has jumped as a result of the intensification of the conflict, which has claimed at least 5,400 lives. The United Nations reported 263 civilians were killed between 31 January and 5 February. Poroshenko was reported to have told a government meeting in Kiev that he would not flinch from declaring martial law in Ukraine if the separatists peace talks collapsed and will result  in an escalation of the WAR. Ukrainian leaders are preparing their citizens for war, confrontation, not peace.


Ukraine’s internal war effort costs $7 million a day, a $2.5 billion yearly expense that is cutting into a budget decimated by reduced revenues related to the fighting,  the ongoing war, the military and financial impact of the war is being felt deeply across the nation that is already suffering with the ongoing internal Ukrainian corruptions. and the loss of production and trade. lost 20% of industrial output — most of Ukraine’s mines are in Donetsk.  While only 7% of Ukrainian territory is impacted by the fighting, this War spending, which includes items not directly associated with the day-to-day costs of the fighting, now eats up 5.2% of the national budget, compared with just 1% in 2013.  “Western sanctions intended to punish Russia for its support of separatists are harming Ukraine, too. But it also allows Ukraine to receive a cash injection that is needed to save its failing economy. Ukraine’s currency, the hryvnia, is tanking — it plummeted 50 percent last week, causing a spike in inflation. Military operations are draining the country’s coffers. Foreign investors, weary of uncertainty, are staying away. Trade with Russia — its largest partner — has dried up, strangling Ukraine’s industrial base”.  Ukraine’s economy is highly dependent on Russia across a range of sectors, A third of its 2013 exports went to Russia.  Europe mostly buys metal ore, ferrous metals, grain, and other agricultural goods from Ukraine. Russia, by contrast, imports machinery, transport services, and industrial products — i.e. value-added goods and services that tend to provide not only more jobs but also higher-paying ones.”   Real Peace is more important for Ukraine in the short to medium term than Western support — even more important than the lethal aid that the US Sen. John McCain is demanding, let alone the helmets and body armor that the US Joe  Biden had  delivered in the US  proxy hybrid war


Canada goes out of the way to help Ukraine and gives satellite imagery to Ukrainian military but  at the same  Canadian government is unable to insure that  the satellite pictures supplied to Ukraine  would only be used to help Ukraine take defensive measures and not offensive operations such as targeting the Ukrainian rebels opposing forces.


These satellite imagery that would give Kiev’s forces new high-resolution battle intelligence in their long-running conflict with Ukrainian rebels,   separatists.


RADARSAT-2, a satellite launched in 2007, is operated by Richmond, B.C.’s MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates for the Canadian government and is used for everything from coastal surveillance by the military to mapping and keeping track of sea ice, crops, pollution and ships.


Canada’s Defence Minister Jason Kenney said this week Canada would be willing to provide training to Ukrainian troops, etc.,


The reason still  they  are in this big mess in Ukraine is because the West, Canada included, meddled in and contributed to the overthrow of a democratically elected President in Ukraine in accordance with their own agendas.


Recently we have seen disinformation and outright lies! As the credibility gap is widening and people in Europe and even in the US are increasingly seeking alternative news media  to find out the truth  a war of ignorant, negative words being played on the internet from Obama and PM Stephen Harper, Ukrainian ministers, etc., on the subject of Russia.. and no we do not have to believe all of their lies and spins..  such as  NATO Commander Paints Dark Picture of “An Imminent Russian Threat” as US-NATO Move to Further Isolate Russia  as  it seems they also do believe they alone now are right and everyone has to do it their way…  Threat to Russia? Ukraine-NATO Military Drills … nuts, dream on, but one day you all  will see the reality.  There is a resolution to the current standoff over Crimea and eastern Ukraine with Mr. Putin, cause he does not bend his will to their liking that that easily.


 Apparently neither Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper  Harper or  Obama, Kerry, or any of that typical fascist administration have any concept of honesty.  The more Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Obama and John Kerry/State Department  do talk about Putin and Russia , it becomes painfully clear how ignorant,   far out of touch of with reality they all are still they do submit NO REAL direct proof but lies, distortions, insinuations  so I do not wonder that they are really unaware of their complete lack of credibility they do have in half of  the world’s eyes.  


Many of my local   Russian friends ask me “why do they say such a nonsense in US about Ukraine and Russia? It seems they have never been there, and they are blind and ignorant when it comes to facts”. And they don`t care about all of us, all they want is to convince their own what is  truth. They just have their own false  reality. But for how long?


Why many  UKRAINIAN Russians Long for the Old Soviet Union? As there was evident law and order for a start.. and they were better of economically instead of now the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer in UKRAINE

Canada the US puppet follows the US lead.


The reasons the US and Canada they now are telling Ukraine to join NATO and lose Russia.. Russia’s energy and over the next decade Canada’s Alberta Crude and the U.S. production of shale oil and gas rises and so even the United States becomes a major energy exporter. By 2020, according to administration estimates, the United States could be able to export more than 90 billion cubic meters of LNG annually, or about half of the gas Russia now supplies to Europe.


Western governments and media are being too often still  used to create unbelievable lies even about various countries and their people. They falsely try to  manipulate their people in  any way they can. However, even now that people in western countries have access to the truth and other points of view, so their governments are  more and more becoming hysterical .


”  Putin calls Canada’s stance toward Russia’s policy regarding Ukraine hard to justify citing the fact Canada is too far away from the region to justify its interference.  ”




The challenge for the Canada is to couple support for Ukraine with a diplomatic strategy to help  build Peace on the remnants of Minsk and  to de-escalate this crisis and not rather escalate it falsely. For Ukraine to survive  it needs peace and not WAR.  What is surprising  is that fact that Canada and the United States still believe they can unilaterally create sustainable political outcomes in Ukraine not by peace but by a WAR with Moscow.. and by sharpening the existing divisions with Russia, a  war, and a one sided acting alone cannot resolve the crisis.  It also neglects the fact of the dysfunctional, deeply corrupt Ukrainian  political-economic system that caused so many pro Russian Ukrainians to revel against the tyrannical  government  for their very survival. The time for real peace and not more wars is now. Actions for real peace speak louder than mere words..


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