What the US and Canada, EU falsely fails to admit and deal with

It was firstly not Russia’s annexation of Crimea a year ago, and its continued support for armed rebels in eastern Ukraine, that has devastated Ukraine’s economy.  While it is true that the Ukrainian  rebels certainly have made big gains, recently with the capture of Donetsk airport and the assault on Debaltseve but what caused them firstly to rebel?

Vladimir Putin 8


Throughout the last  quarter of a century Ukraine  government, country itself and now undeniably has been one of the most corrupt countries in the world.   Not much has happened  since then too and the government itself is losing political support as Ukrainians face increasing economic hardship.   


Few  Ukrainian   governmental officials have been convicted of their corruption-related crimes.   Today “ the standard kickback has dropped to 15 per cent from 30 per cent, but that’s largely because people have no money to pay it.”    Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has been trying to build up his credentials with  some high-profile arrests, but his own government is now being accused of graft and some suspect the motive for the prosecutions is mainly political.  


 As some  of these persons  next now mainly claim to or  make a pretence  to try to clean it up, the people driving  the changes have a false excuse for their failures in that that they face a formidable resistance…  well what did they expect? Corruptions cannot go on there forever.


“The  visible disagreement between   oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, whose fortune comes from banking, aviation, media, and oil and gas.  and   M.P. Mustafa Nayyem, a former investigative journalist is emblematic of the conflict between what Ukraine has been and what it hopes to become. Kolomoisky, who has admitted to making his fortune by illegal means during the wild days of the nineteen-nineties, and who was involved in violent corporate raids as recently as 2006, redeemed himself in the eyes of many, during his governorship, by helping to defend the nation. But his decision to seize state-controlled companies by force was seen as a slap in the face to the Maidan movement, a return to the bad old days. It also underscored the continued vast economic inequality between oligarchs and ordinary Ukrainians, who are poorer than ever. ”  President Petro Poroshenko, himself a  rich oligarch   has broken his  own campaign promise to sell his lucrative confectionary company.


The  Ukrainians  may talk big, but they are still big liars, very corrupt persons. so why should anyone support them?


And Vladimir Putin threatens NUCLEAR showdown over the West’s interference in Ukraine. VLADIMIR Putin has warned Nato to back off from interfering with Crimea or face a NUCLEAR response. He is not kidding. Any attempts by Nato to return the Crimean Peninsula to Ukraine would be met “forcefully including through the use of nuclear force”. And the supply of weapons to Kiev would be seen as “further encroachment by Nato to the Russian border”. Serious Things Have Changed In Crimea Since Russia took it back. And more than 110,000 people that flooded central Moscow to display their proud patriotism in “reuniting” Crimea with their motherland. Around 82 percent of Crimeans said they still supported the peninsula being a part of Russia. You speak only Russian there now or you get out.


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