The West is always falsely one sided when it comes to Russia and it’s supposed guilt

The US itself falsely has consistently refused to directly acknowledge Kiev’s role in violating the Minsk peace agreements in eastern Ukraine, turning a blind eye on daily OSCE reports that equally implicate the government and the rebel forces.    Over the past two months, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) has blamed the Donetsk and Lugansk forces for nine violations of the ceasefire, while accusing the Ukrainian government of another eight. There were only 33 reports regarding rebel violations of the requirement for heavy weapons withdrawal under the Minsk agreements, compared to 35 reported violations by Ukrainian troops


Also the Russian weapons manufacturer Almaz-Antey has confirmed that Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by a Buk missile system as suggested by the west, but said the rocket came from Ukrainian military stocks.  Russian federal investigators said on Wednesday they had testimony from a former Ukrainian air force mechanic supporting a Moscow theory that a Malaysian passenger plane downed in east Ukraine last summer was attacked by a Ukrainian fighter jet. Moscow has denied   any responsibility for the downing of the airliner on July 17, 2014.  Russia denies Western accusations that it has sent troops to eastern Ukraine and supplied sophisticated air defense weapons, or any arms, to the rebels.


Meanwhile, the war situation in eastern Ukraine has intensified.  A major battle has erupted on the western edge of the main separatist rebel stronghold in eastern  Ukraine  leaving more than a dozen people dead and threatening to tip the country back into full-blown war.  Government and rebel forces have been trading accusations with regard to which side opened fire first. The head of the separatist armed forces, Vladimir Kononov, said his fighters had engaged only in defence measures after an assault by the Ukrainian army.  Russia has said it is unnerved by the violence, which it is blaming on Ukraine. “We here in Moscow are closely watching it and feel extreme concern about the provocative actions by the Ukrainian armed forces,”


Russia has repeatedly denied accusations of providing arms to the Ukrainian rebels or sending troops to fight in the civil war. Moscow maintains that Washington is using the Ukrainian conflict to pursue its own geopolitical goals and isolate Russia..


Russia has scrambled military jets in response to an American navy destroyer which, it has been reported in Russian media, was acting “aggressively” in the Black Sea. The Russian defence minister, speaking at a security summit in Singapore, said US missile ships operating near Moscow’s territorial waters “pose a danger to strategic stability” between the two countries. The clash is the latest example of military encounters between Russia and Western militaries, as tensions continue over the Ukraine crisis as well.


The White House is determined to block the rise of the key nuclear-armed nations, Russia and China, as neither of whom will join the  world’s acceptance of Washington’s ambitions.   The US “aggression and blatant propaganda have convinced Russia and China that Washington intends war, and this realization has drawn the two countries into a strategic alliance.” A nuclear war is our likely future.”


After “a quarter-century of mismanagement and corruption” undeniably Ukraine is flat broke. Kiev is running out of hard currency reserves to pay its foreign debts. Inflation is at 60 percent due to huge increases in gas prices..  The economy in Ukraine has taken a nosedive in the first months of the year, contracting more than analysts predicted.  Ukraine’s gross domestic product (GDP) shrank by a staggering 17.6 percent in the first quarter of 2015 compared to one year ago.  The country’s economy collapsed at an annualized rate of 17 percent last quarter. The predicted full-scale economic depression is unfolding…  Ukraine’s parliament just passed a law authorizing the government to impose a moratorium on bond payments to its foreign investors if negotiations fail.   The average monthly salary in Ukraine is only $186, and skyrocketing inflation is decimating the purchasing power of ordinary citizens. Kiev is also implementing a painful IMF-mandated economic austerity program involving massive cuts in social spending programs of nearly $30 billion. That is what happens when the country is run by thugs.


Ukraine’s President Poroshenko  a Jew has tapped another thug to rule his people, the  ex-Georgian President Saakashvili,  also a Jew,  already wanted in his homeland for embezzlement and human rights abuses who now governs Odessa.    ”   Saakashvili was accused of “using public money to pay for, among other things, hotel expenses for a personal stylist, hotel and travel for two fashion models, Botox injections and hair removal, the rental of a yacht in Italy and the purchase of artwork by the London artist Meredith Ostrom, who makes imprints on canvases with her naked, painted body. … “Mr. Saakashvili is also accused of using public money to fly his massage therapist, Dorothy Stein, into Georgia in 2009. Mr. Saakashvili said he received a massage from Ms. Stein on ‘one occasion only,’ but Ms. Stein said she received 2,000 euros to massage him multiple times, including delivering her trademark ‘bite massage.’ ‘He gave me a bunch of presents,’ said Ms. Stein, who splits her time between Berlin and Hoboken,” including a gold necklace.  The Georgian prosecutors also have charged Saakashvili with human rights”/


The appointment of foreigners to high-level positions in Ukraine  underscores the deep lack of trust in any local  government  .The selection made by President Petro Poroshenko and is just the latest questionable appointment by the post-coup regime in Kiev.   The past appointed Jewish oligarch Igor Kolomoisky  was  the  governor of Dnipropetrovsk in southeastern Ukraine and Kolomoisky, is regarded as one of Ukraine’s most corrupt billionaires, ruled the region as his personal fiefdom until he was ousted by Poroshenko earlier this year in a dispute over Kolomoisky’s use of strong-arm tactics to maintain control of Ukrainian energy companies.


Beyond his recruitment of questionable outsiders, Poroshenko has made concessions to Ukraine’s far-right nationalists, including signing legislation to extend official recognition to Ukrainian fascists who collaborated with the Nazis in killing Jews and Poles during World War II . On May 2, 2014, neo-Nazi street fighters set fire to Odessa’s Trade Union Building and burned alive dozens of ethnic Russians who had taken refuge there. The building was also spray-painted with Nazi slogans, including praise for the Galician SS, a Ukrainian force that fought with the Nazis and slaughtered Jews. When the once peaceful protests turned into violent endeavors   and fighting engulfed the nation, every rule for the success of a normal business collapsed.


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