The next War on US soil

Modern Russia has returned to its Christian roots. There is a revival in Russian Orthodoxy with over 25,000 new churches built in Russia after the fall of Communism. On any Sunday, the churches are packed. Over 70% of the population identifies themselves as Orthodox Christians. Combine this religious revival with renewed Nationalism and Russia is growing in self-confidence.

Russian history is filled with invaders trying to conquer Russia. Napoléon and Hitler are only the latest examples. Russia has always prevailed.

America is heading for war with Russia as the current situation shows “an increase of hostility” or “Cold War II.” American journalists from all political persuasions are not offering decent, honest analysis., misderstanding the Russian side rather than taking their arguments seriously can help prevent serious consequences.

When the president of Ukraine was overthrown, from a Russian viewpoint this was a Western organized coup. The overthrow of a democratically elected president signaled that the West was interested in an expansion of power, not democratic values.

Russians had accepted Kiev’s rule of Crimea since 1954 as a trusted brother might watch a family property. But when that brother no longer is a part of the family, Russia wanted Crimea back. Crimea also wanted Russia back. Crimeans speak Russian and are closely tied to their 300-year Russian heritage. From the Russian point of view, this was a family matter and of no concern to the West, The sanctions imposed were seen as aggression by the West to keep Russia in its place

Russia has drawn a red line: It will never allow Ukraine to be part of NATO. Russia honestly sees the US as the aggressor, surrounding Russia with military bases in Eastern Europe at every opportunity since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Both sides of this escalating conflict and unless there is a change in thinking, the result will be catastrophic.

Many mostly ignorant Americans falsely believe that all Russians are fed only propaganda by the state-controlled media. If Russians only could hear the truth, the thinking goes, they would welcome the US position. This is not so. It is a big lie. There are not only over 300 TV stations available in Moscow , while only 6 are state-controlled. Like the rest of the world the Eussians also do get their news from the world wide net too . Russia is not North Korea where the news is censored. Most of the world do not agree with the US too. The mistake that will cost America dearly

U.S. politicians would do well to examine themselves and consider the admonition to take the log out from their own eye. The US system is rife with abuses of power, conflicts of interest, and paybacks to the rich through sole-source contracts, tax preferences or beneficial regulations. Most people alreadt do know that American Politicans steal loads of money for themslves. These “pay-to-play” schemes are endemic to corruption, making it hard to understand how the US politicians are any better than Russia’s, whom they are quick to condemn

American Sanctions are driving Russia away from the West and towards the rest of the world, India, China etc and this has hurt the west economically too. Russia is considering expanding its sanctions against Western leaders. Russia’s prime minister has ordered preparation of retaliatory measures against several non-EU European nations that have joined the European Union’s sanctions against Russia. Russia tightened controls on imports of cut flowers from the Netherlands, an EU member.

Last year, Russia countered the sanctions with its own ban on imports of food products from Australia, Canada, the European Union, the United States and Norway. The Kremlin extended the ban last month following the EU’s decision to extend its sanctions through January, the Associated Press reported.

There is still time to make a deal. More sanctions, and more isolation from the West are not the way to resolve differences. The US flexing its military muscle will not solve the problems. War is not the answer but too often in history becomes the only solution when two sides refuse to see the other’s point of view.

NATO member aircraft were forced to conduct more than 500 scrambles to intercept foreign jets over Europe in 2014 – a fourfold increase on the previous year. Nearly 85 per cent of these were to intercept Russian aircraft. This year there have already been more than 300 scrambles as tensions between Russia and the West increase, according to data provided by NATO. These are some of the highest numbers since the end of the Cold War and Russia alleges that NATO sorties near its borders doubled last year. According to data collected by Russian authorities, NATO carried out more than 3,000 tactical aviation sorties near Russian borders in 2014, more than double the previous year.

Russia understand that the US has not fought a war on its soil since the civil war. If new hostilities start, Russia will no hestitate to go to war on US soial.. Russia will take the war to the US. Russia has merged several branches of its military into the Aerospace Forces . President Vladimir Putin has launched an ambitious program of modernizing Russia’s military arsenals Russia added a new fleet of Su-33 fighter jets Monday to its growing military contingent in the Arctic. Putin vowed earlier this year to overhaul Russia’s military by 2020 and has spent considerable resources on upgrades to forces in the Arctic, which is rich in natural resources. The Kremlin aims to have a “self-sufficient” Arctic unit by 2018 with land, sea and air components,

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