War against Russia escalates

Russia has submitted a claim to the UN for a large swathe of Arctic ice covering an astonishing 500,000 square miles . Russia has submitted a serious claim to a large portion of the Arctic which it is thought could contain vast reserves of oil, precious gems and minerals . Russia recently announced plans to bolster the country’s naval presence in the region. Russia announced that its navy will deploy a fleet of new icebreakers to the Arctic.

Russia has not done anything new and yet the NATO war against Russia is escalating. The Russian president’s approval rating is now at 89 percent. More polling suggests the population is digging in its heels and staunchly supporting the Kremlin’s foreign policies. Roughly 70 percent of Russians say the country should stick to its position in Ukraine, with 87 percent supporting the annexation of Crimea. Another 66 percent believe that the Western sanctions are about weakening and humiliating Russia, and only five percent think they’re about the Ukrainian crisis.

NATO is using every opportunity to to challenge Russia wherever they can. They intent is to create a situation where Russia can’t continue to thrive. The loss to Russia of Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia — traditional U.S. allies — are being bitterly accepted by the US. The United States and European Union have been squeezing Russia with sanctions since Russia annexed Crimea, a territory that previously belonged to them, in March 2014.

In response, Russian President Vladimir Putin established a ban on U.S. and EU foodstuffs.. Russia commemorated a tightening of that year-old ban on Western agricultural products by bulldozing bright yellow blocks of cheese. Russia also stream rolled fruit and set piles of bacon ablaze. By midday, 28 metric tons of apples and tomatoes from Poland had been demolished, as well as 40 tons of apricots from an unknown country. The ban covers fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, fish, and most meat. Exemptions from the ban include alcoholic beverages, cured meats and cereal products. Food brought in by individuals for their personal use is also exempt. Mr Putin has touted the embargo as an opportunity to boost domestic agricultural production

After decades of post-Cold War calm, Europe is again becoming a region of high military drama – and , a place with a growing risk of NATO Russia confrontation.. The US and NATO meanwhile plant more and more Negative messages and manipulate the way Russian news is perceived on the News Media, blogs, online forums, and social media. The methods used to control the News bring past memories of the past KGB, the Soviet Union’s feared security service.

NATO are pushing on out of a sense that their adversaries are militarily weak and lack resolve. U.S. military vehicles paraded 300 yards from the Russian border. The soldiers from the U.S. Army’s Second Cavalry Regiment were taking part in a military parade to mark Estonia’s Independence Day. Russian leaders, have long complained of NATO’s expansion to their borders and say that it is a threat to Russia’s own security interests. Russia has long complained bitterly about NATO expansion, saying that the Cold War defense alliance was a major security threat as it drew closer to Russia’s borders. The anger grew especially passionate after the Baltic states joined in 2004.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin cited the risk of NATO expansion into Ukraine as one of the reasons last year that he annexed the Crimean Peninsula, home of Russia’s Black Sea fleet. Russian military exercises in March spanned the nation’s vast territory – from the high north, far above the Arctic Circle, all the way to territories near Japan. Russia itself is practicing for what would happen during a war with the U.S.-led NATO defense alliance, with more than 80,000 service members. A Russian exercise in March, involving 80,000 troops, 65 ships and 220 aircraft, practiced a response to how Russia believes NATO might attack: from the Arctic to the Pacific, with Crimea, the exposed enclave of Kaliningrad, and Russia’s border with Estonia and Latvia between. Above the Barents Sea, strategic bombers practiced attacks. Near the Latvian border, airborne troops performed landings as attack helicopters and artillery gave them cover. In the Baltic Sea, the Russian Navy practiced with missiles. Russia is estimated to have about 2,000 tactical nuclear weapons deployed and ready for use. President Vladimir Putin last month approved Russia’s new naval doctrine that puts greater focus on the Atlantic and the Arctic to counter NATO’s activity near its borders.

While Russia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization call their drills defensive, they treat each other’s actions “as provocative and deliberate aggravation,” worsening mistrust. The War games in Europe being conducted by Russia and NATO are more than just exercises and are making a real conflict more likely.

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