Washington’s vast disinformation machine

There are so-called mass media reports which allege that Russian aircraft bombed a field hospital in the Idlib Governorate in northwestern Syria and reportedly killed 13 people. I cannot say that these reports are written by journalists but their ingenuity delights,”   The Russian Foreign Ministry has disputed Western media reports accusing Russia of hitting a field hospital in northwestern Syria and killing 13 people. The reports cited “sources” provided by the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). A Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson stressed that such  News reports show tremendous bias towards Russia’s military efforts in Syria. Since joining the fight against Islamic State, Russia’s efforts in Syria have been repeatedly attacked by the Western mainstream media, which have published many unconfirmed reports employing plainly  scaremongering tactics in the US, Israel, Canada, Great Britain, Ukraine, Australia. Most people worldwide do not accept them as being a reality,

Most recently, Russian officials also denied reports that they had dropped cluster bombs in civilian areas in Syria.

The Turkish military released a statement saying that it had downed an unidentified drone in Turkish airspace after issuing the aircraft 3 warnings. However, a Russian drone manufacturer denied the reports, calling the photos of the allegedly downed drone part of a poorly-staged “informational provocation.”

Another baseless accusations  including the British newspapers stated  that Royal Air Force Tornado jets operating in Iraq were to be equipped with air-to-air missiles and that their pilots had been cleared to fire on “Vladimir Putin’s jets” in the case of an imminent threat. Next  the UK’s MoD’s spokesperson wrote that “There is no truth in this story.”

Russia is Serious about Fighting Terrorism and the US Isn’t. America Protects Al Qaeda and ISIS the long the benefactors of US-granted immunity. The US bombing of ISIS has been mostly nominal, an exercise in perception management. Although the US Defense Intelligence Agency makes regular claims to have bombed specific targets, rarely is video evidence of the bombing strikes published . The US has largely avoided bombing ISIS and Al Qaeda targets in the Syrian district of North Hama in an attempt to prevent Syrian troops from gaining ground. Russia is now striking these targets . Al Qaeda is not the only terrorist group the US has been accused of arming. This month, footage filmed by the Iraqi military of an oil refinery that had been captured by ISIS, shows US supply crates full of food and weapons having been delivered to Islamic State militants by parachute. In 2014, footage of another US supply drop to ISIS in Kobane Syria also emerged online. Only a few days ago the US airdropped 50 tons of ammunition into Hasake region of Syria, where there has been a lot of ISIS activity. Most of the weaponry used by ISIS is US made. In January this year, an Iraqi MP Majid al-Ghraoui publically accused the US of supplying ISIS with weapons through airdrops. Terrorism has always been a means by which the US has sought to deconstruct Russian spheres of influences. Ironically over the last decade it has also simultaneously perpetuated the myth that it is actually fighting a war against terror. However   how long can the US continue to manifest  this duplicity?

 Russia’s military success in accurately hitting all far-off targets comes right after a US airstrike in Afghanistan “mistakenly” destroyed a less distantly located hospital operated by the Doctors Without Borders Russia shook Western military expectations by using its Caspian Fleet to launch a surprise cruise missile strike against Syrian-based terrorists. The US and its allies were totally caught off guard by this development. Having not anticipated it. The US Wartime Cruise Missile Monopoly Is Over: Russia proved that it, too, can use cruise missiles to assist in its ongoing military operations, thus confirming that it has achieved the battlefield-tested experience to practice what had hitherto been the exclusive strategic domain of the US military. This puts Russia in the same elite league as the US when it comes to this capability, the ‘inland lake’, long thought by the West to be useless from a typical naval perspective, is actually key for projecting military force throughout the Mideast and Central Asian regions.  Russia Will Muster All Domains To Fight Terrorism: The  Caspian Fleet is especially relevant in the event that the Kremlin ever needs to take immediate and decisive action against ISIL’s Afghanistan-based Russian terrorists,    1,500 kilometers that the Kalibr missiles travelled are long enough to make the Persian Gulf-based Fifth Fleet think twice about whether it’s still safe from potential Russian-based targeting.   The Russian Navy The sea-air interaction between the Russian Navy and its Aerospace counterparts is what really scares NATO the most.

NATO “Rings Alarm” Over Russia’s Military Might in Mediterranean. .“We have to be prepared for Russia to be [in Syria] as a factor for a long time,” They now fear Russia’s fast-developing arsenal of ship-launched cruise and ballistic missiles is able to restrict the alliance’s “ability to easily deploy their own  military assets” in the Mediterranean.“ Russia’s renewed presence” apparently “threatens to restrict NATO’.s freedom of navigation”.,  “This is really a fundamental shift in Russian posture that will be long lasting.” Russia’s Mediterranean fleet bristles with its most powerful anti-aircraft missiles — s300 systems — which have been fitted to all but its smallest ships, “We have now a situation where we are exercising in a scenario where NATO does not necessarily have the balance of military power.” Massive NATO drills are taking place in Italy, Spain and Portugal. The drills are designed to prepare the NATO powers for large-scale strategic warfare outside the boundaries of the NATO countries, according to NATO officials.NATO defense officials seized on accusations of airspace violations by a pair of Russian jets to carry out a further military escalation against Moscow, agreeing to expand the NATO Response Force to 40,000 troops and to deploy new teams of NATO military specialists to Central and Eastern Europe. The future faces the unleashing of full-scale war between the two major nuclear-armed forces on the planet, NATO and Russia.

Russia imposed on August 6, 2014 a one-year ban on imports of beef, pork, poultry, fish, cheeses, fruit, vegetables and dairy products from Australia, Canada, the European Union, the United States and Norway.

Germany is an important trading partner with Russia and China. Merkel also urged Ukraine to continue with its economic reforms and tackle corruption and roll back the influence of oligarchs. She said German businesses are ready to invest there if the right conditions are in place.

Poroshenko’s threat to fight for returning Crimea is a bluff “. I don’t understand what forces would be involved in doing so. Their only submarine is somewhere in Sevastopol. Maybe, they will use inflatable boats for attacking Russian warships? It’s yet another bluff,”  The Russian military grouping in Crimea has already been created and the peninsula is well protected

The terrorists in Syria still supported from abroad and the terrorists would have been defeated long ago without that support. Terrorist groups in Syria continue receiving support from abroad, including weapons and gunmen, which hampers the fight against them. The  US and it’s  allies have fail to identify Assad’s opponents that have  no links with Muslim  terrorists.. They are all Muslim terrorists…


The Russian Defense Ministry and the Russian Embassy in Damascus also rejected the reports of three Russian soldiers being killed in Syria. All the lies against Russia  have  been refuted and, most importantly, these News  reports do not have a concrete source.”

UN Security Council Resolution 2199 [on combatting financing of terrorist organizations through their illegal trade in oil and oil products] has set a mechanism of submitting reports on the implementation of its provisions. So far, the mechanism has not started to work in full.

When it comes to News about Russia it is evident that there are  two different news presentation,  the American lying Version and the non American version including 

The latest foray in apparent false  media manipulation was the claim   by US “anonymous sources” that four Russian missiles targeting terrorist groups in Syria, landed in Iran. Yet  “We have no reports of any Russian missiles crashing in Iran … those media reports alleging that Russian missiles aiming at Syria hit Iran are blatant lies.”

The US “ likes to use anonymous sources   … two anonymous US officials (are) a basis for a claim, who in turn are quoting unspecified, uncorroborated, and unverified ‘military and intelligence information.’

Now after a US bombing at a Médecins Sans Frontières hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan  the US changed  the  story as to how it happened four times in a few  days,  but the truth stll came out. All assaults on hospitals and other buildings are protected under international laws. Hospitals are specifically protected under Article 20 of the Geneva Convention, amongst other binding international laws.  . Initial statements suggested that U.S. special operations forces advising Afghan commandos in the area had called in the airstrikes. Afghan officials suggested that the hospital was attacked because senior Taliban were inside. However, Gen. John Campbell, commander of the U.S. forces in Afghanistan, said that the hospital was struck accidentally after nearby Afghan forces called for U.S. air support when they came under fire. The New York Times has also reported, quoting anonymous military officials, that Campbell now believes that “the Americans on the ground did not follow the rules of engagement fully” in determining whether they were attacking a legitimate target.. In a recent post on the Just Security blog, Jonathan Horowitz, a legal officer at the Open Society Justice Initiative, ran through several possible scenarios. If the U.S. intentionally bombed a facility that it knew was a civilian hospital, that would likely be a war crime, even if Taliban fighters were being treated inside. Credibility is certainly the key here. The U.S. has warned Russia, which has itself been accused of striking medical targets, about avoiding civilian casualties, and has sought to distance itself from civilian casualties caused by ally Saudi Arabia’s airstrikes in Yemen. If the U.S. wants to distinguish its own military conduct from those countries, and isn’t willing to consent to an outside investigation, it had better start providing some pretty good explanations for what happened and hold someone accountable for it. 

On the day next that  the US military entered Baghdad (8th April 2003) they declared war on journalists, a grave breach of the Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocol 1 and a war crime under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

Having targeted Al Jazeera and Abu Dhabi TV, the US troops turned their attention to the Palestine Hotel, where two hundred journalists and world wide media were based. They killed Reuters correspondent Taras Protsyuk and Jose Couso of Spanish Telecinco TV. Three other journalists were injured, the hotel was extensively damaged

ITV journalist Terry Lloyd was murdered near Basra by the US within four days of the invasion – also in a clearly marked car. Cameraman Fred Nerac and their Lebanese assistant Hussein Osman in an accompanying car were also killed. French cameraman, Daniel Demoustier, injured in the attack said the US were firing on media vehicles: “to wipe out troublesome witnesses.”

An Iraq factory that made baby milk powder was reduced to rubble by the US and described as a “chemical weapons factory.” The machinery was provided, installed and maintained by a company in Birmingham, England – and could only have been used to provide baby milk.

The western media had reported that China, Iran, Hezbollah join Russian jets and Syrian army in attack on Islamic State.   China would fight alongside Russia in Syria, and that China’s sole aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, could participate too.  “A Chinese aircraft carrier, Lianoning, and a guided missile cruiser were heading to the area, and  Chinese military advisers were already in the region. ”  But China responded that it was  not planning to send military ships to Syria. “I can tell you that as for China’s warships, for example the Liaoning, whether it has gone to join, for this issue, as far as I know, there is no such plan. At this time the Liaoning is in a phase of carrying out technical training and military exercises.” “It’s not China that brought chaos to Syria, and China has no reason to rush to the frontlines and play a confrontational role,” it said.  China supported international anti-terror operations that were in line with international law and had the support of the countries involved. China a permanent U.N. Security Council member  has expressed concern about interference in Syria’s internal affairs and repeatedly called for a political solution.

It is amazing how the western media reports many Russian Planes have been shut down over Turkey with no proof ay all

The US liars with no proof even say that Boris Nemtsov’s support for Western sanctions against Russia possible assassination motive..  They lie and say Putin has cancer, say that Russia will go into Bankruptcy, Putin will be kicked out of office too.. Lies is all it is still..


The lies being woven by The west and the  Zionist corporate media in the West about Russia even are an attempt ” to conceal the alliance of ISIL, al-Qaeda, and affiliates with American, Israeli, British, French, and Saudi intelligence, and to conceal the obvious fact that the Russian airstrikes are hurting these terrorist groups militarily, even as they take place legally because the sovereign government … of Syria has formally requested Russian assistance.”

NATO is using every opportunity to  challenge Russia wherever they can. They intent is to create a situation where Russia can’t continue to thrive. The loss to Russia of Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia — traditional U.S. allies — are being bitterly accepted by the US. The United States and European Union have been squeezing Russia with sanctions since Russia annexed Crimea, a territory that previously belonged to them, in March 2014.


US, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia  had a long time ago plotted a hoped for  Downfall of Syria and Iran, and China next.

US End Game in Syria is Just the Beginning for Wider Regional War . The Syrian conflict has been  profoundly misrepresented across the entirety of the Western press. The entire conflict was engineered and fueled from beyond Syria’s borders. And while there are a significant number of Syrians collaborating with this criminal conspiracy, the principle agents driving the conflict are foreigners. They include special interests in the United States, across the Atlantic in Europe, and regional players including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Israel. Syria is far from an isolated conflict. America’s interest in dividing and destroying Syria is part of a much larger agenda serving its aspirations both in the region and globally. The division and destruction of Syria as a functioning, sovereign nation-state is admittedly meant to set the stage for the conquest of Iran next.

Washington’s overarching strategy in the middle east was to play all Muslim groups and factions in the Middle East off against each other in what amounts to a sinister divide and conquer gambit that ultimately serves also  the interests of Israel.  The Bush administration was working in tandem with Israel to instigate a cataclysmic civil war – something akin to the Thirty Years’ War in Europe – in the Muslim world and was being deliberately fomented by US and Israeli intelligence agencies to significantly weaken the region and allow the Zionists, America    to achieve full-spectrum dominance.

In March 2007  the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia began laying the groundwork for a rebel invasion of Syria that same year  The US and Israel planned to enlist radical Wahhabi-Salafist elements backed by Saudi Arabian largesse as proxy mercenaries against Damascus in a wider effort to undermine Assad and precipitate the demise of Iran. Hersh outlined the criminal plan in these terms: To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has cooperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda

Islamic State operative confesses to receiving funding through US –“The US has been condemning the IS activities but unfortunately has  stopped funding of these organizations, money which is being routed through the US. The US had to dispel the impression that it is financing the group for its own interests and that is why it launched offensive against the organization in Iraq but not in Syria,”.

“At $1 billion, Syria-related operations account for about $1 of every $15 in the CIA’s overall budget,” “Much of the CIA’s money goes toward running secret training camps in Jordan, gathering intelligence to help guide the operations of agency-backed militias and managing a sprawling logistics network used to move fighters, ammunition and weapons into the country.”

“[ISIS] would not be empowered in Iraq if we hadn’t been providing them a safe haven in Syria by arming their allies,” the Senator said, adding that “we are where we are because we armed the Syrian rebels,” the preponderance of whom are Wahhabi-Salafist extremists. U.S. Senator Rand Paul

The Brookings Institution, an influential pro-Israel, pro-US Empire think tank, has  called for the break-up of Syria, advancing an incremental strategy to facilitate a stealth US invasion and takeover of the Arab country in the service of Israel and to prepare war with Iran

US defense analysts,  acknowledged that the anti-Assad coalition of militants that Washington was enthusiastically supporting were dominated by Salafist extremist elements linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda, US foreign policy hawks plot the literal dismemberment of Syria as a whole in accordance with the Jewish Zionist balkanization plan.

Oded Yinon, an Israeli strategist  in 1982, called for the break-up of all Arab states surrounding Israel into fragmented polities along ethnic and religious lines. “Every kind of inter-Arab confrontation will assist us in the short run,” Yinon expounded in his Machiavellian manifesto, “and will shorten the way to the more important aim of breaking up Iraq into denominations as in Syria and in Lebanon.”  The Israeli militarist cited the Iran-Iraq war as a prime example of the type of internecine conflict Israel hopes to ignite, exacerbate and capitalize on to achieve its Zionist goals. In a June 2014 television interview, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,  explicated his Yinonite ideology, emphasizing Tel Aviv’s desire to have Sunni and Shiite Muslims fight each other and thereby cancel each other out while Israel reaps the spoils.

In July 2015,  Turkey had said that it will allow US jets to use its bases to bomb Islamic State (ISIS) targets in Syria however, is the fact that Turkey has been, and continues to be, a central actor in the war in Syria and, consequently, in the development and maintenance of ISIS. Of equal importance is the simple fact that a “war on ISIS” is merely a pretext for Turkey’s military engagement in Syria and throughout the region. Not only does Turkey’s neo-Ottoman revanchist President Erdogan want to flex his military muscles in order to further the regime change agenda in Syria, he also is using recent tragic events as political and diplomatic cover for waging a new aggressive war against the region’s Kurds, especially Turkey’s longtime foe the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK). Turkey has not just recently become actively engaged in the conflict; Ankara has merely shifted its strategy and its tactics, moving from covert engagement to overt participation.

 In the wake of the bombing in Turkey’s majority Kurdish town of Suruç, which killed 32 youth activists, the Turkish government has allegedly struck hard against  targets. While Ankara would have the world believe that its hands are clean, and that it is the innocent of international terrorism, the reality is that Turkey has done everything to foster and promote the growth of ISIS from the very beginning.   Also in 2012, Reuters that Turkey had “set up a secret base with allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar to direct vital military and communications aid to Syria’s rebels from a city near the border… ‘It’s the Turks who are militarily controlling it. Turkey is the main coordinator/facilitator. Think of a triangle, with Turkey at the top and Saudi Arabia and Qatar at the bottom.”

Turkish intelligence (MIT) has been an active player in the ongoing campaign to arm and resupply the terror groups such as the al Nusra Front and others. Turkish security forces have been directly involved in shelling and support operations for Nusra front and other jihadi groups in and around Kassab, Syria, among other sites. Many of the very same terrorists who have been armed and supported by the Turkish government are today being held up as enemies of Turkey, and rationalization of the need for Turkish military intervention. Turkey’s government is the primary supporter and sponsor of terrorist groups in Syria, the justification for war becomes flimsy at best. But, if it’s not about fighting terror, then what exactly is Ankara’s objective?  At the top of Erdogan’s agenda is using ISIS as a pretext for effecting the regime change in Syria that he has failed to bring about for these past four years. Despite providing weapons and cash, training sites and political cover, Turkey’s terror proxies have been roundly defeated by the Syrian Arab Army, Hezbollah, and allied forces.  Secondly, the alleged war on ISIS is a politically expedient cover for Erdogan to wage a full-scale war on the Kurds, and the PKK specifically. Within hours of announcing the new phase of the war, Turkish forces were bombing Kurdish targets in effectively declaring war on both countries, in blatant violation of international law, to whatever extent such a thing still exists. Indeed, Erdogan  “It is not possible for us to continue the peace process with those who threaten our national unity and brotherhood.”   Erdogan has declared war on all Kurds of the region.

Now the fact remains that there is really no such thing as the “moderates,” and those terrorists that had at one time been labeled such have all either gone home, fled the country, gone over to the Al Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front, or are now fighting under the ISIS banner .And so, by stating such a plan, Erdogan is unwittingly admitting what this author has already numerous times – Turkey acts as military muscle for ISIS and al Qaeda in Syria and now in Iraq.

 Although the US feigns concern for the Kurds and the expansion of the war, Washington has in fact endorsed Turkey’s policy. White House spokesman Alistair Baskey that the US “strongly condemns” recent attacks by the PKK, reiterating the fact that Turkey is an important US and NATO ally. As Obama’s close adviser on national security matters Ben Rhodes “The US, of course, recognizes the PKK specifically as a terrorist organization. And, so, again Turkey has a right to take action related to terrorist targets.”

All those terrorists who now provided the rationale for a new war were the very same ones openly supported by the perverse countries now waging the war.

Reuters recently published an op-ed titled, “Syria’s one hope may be as dim as Bosnia’s once was,” which argues that the only way the US can cooperate with Russia regarding Syria is if all players agree to a weakened, fragmented Syria.

 O’Hanlon is also a co-author of the 2009 Brookings Institution report titled “Which Path to Persia? Options for a New American Strategy toward Iran”. In this signed and dated criminal conspiracy, methods for covertly overthrowing the Iranian government with US-backed mobs augmented with armed militants, the use of US listed foreign terrorist organizations to wage a proxy war against Iran, the provocation of open war with Iran, and the use of Israel to unilaterally attack Iran first, before bringing America inevitably into the war shortly after are all described in great detail throughout the 156 page report.
Additionally, the report also suggests luring Iran to the negotiating table where the United States would place before it a deal so irresistible that when Iran either rejected it or accepted it and then appeared to violate it, subsequent US military intervention would be seen by the world as a reluctant option of last resort that Iran brought upon itself. This has since manifested itself as the much lauded “nuclear deal.”
And almost to the letter, every criminal conspiracy laid out in this report meant for Tehran, has been each in turn used against Syria. The report noted that Syria and Lebanon’s Hezbollah would be significant obstacles to dividing and destroying Iran and that each must be dealt with first. The report was written in 2009, the war in Syria began in earnest in 2011.
Understanding that Syria is not an isolated crisis, but is tied to US designs aimed at Iran and beyond, illustrates why O’Hanlon and other Western policymakers’ proposals for a “political transition” or the partitioning of Syria are unacceptable. It will not be the end of regional conflict, but rather the end of just the beginning.  The successful destruction of Syria will portend war with Iran and beyond.
President Assad did what all responsible leaders have done when faced with a foreign threat endangering the survival of their nation – stood and fought back. 
Russian and Syrian efforts aimed at stemming the flow of weapons and cash over Syrian borders alone is not going to “solve Syria.” Clearly the problem is larger than Syria, and even larger than the geopolitical chaos the US has created arcing over the MENA region. It is the unwarranted wealth, power, and influence that drives that chaos that constitutes the ultimate source of the problem. Disrupting or displacing that power will be difficult, and the failure thus far to significantly disrupt or displace it is precisely why this chaos continues.

In reality  the US “war on terrorism” is a hidden war also on Russia,  a complete US fabrication based on the illusion of   Obama part of the New World Order which feeds on human poverty and the destruction of the environment, generates social apartheid, encourages racism and ethnic strife and undermines the rights of women, Christians.

In fact, it is also  not Russian aggression that threatens Europe. Europe is facing the danger of Washington-generated Islamization that will deprive Europe of cultural and Christian identity.

Obama has supported the Islamic Arabic spring cause he himself is a Muslim and not a Christian. While Obama is covering up all symbols of Christianity in America,  Obama, who was born and raised Muslim, has never been a Christian even though he has pretended to be. Obama,  , was backed and sponsored also by the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) who helped to  PLACE  him in office. He has openly declared war on the church, and Christians. When he would go to speak in places like Georgetown University and other religious based institutions, he insisted that all symbols of Christianity, even the cross, be covered.


Everywhere that U.S. leadership helped Islamic jihadis topple secular autocrats in the name of “democracy and freedom,” indigenous Christian minorities are forced either to convert to Islam or die. The same is happening in the two other Arab nations where the U.S., under the pretext of “freedom and democracy,” overthrew the secular dictators who had long kept a lid on the jihadis: Libya and Iraq. The ongoing slaughter of Christians by the Islamic State, and the destruction of churches and antiquities, must be laid at the feet of those Western nations that, intentionally or unintentionally, paved the way for the Islamic State.


Too many Islamist extremists want to terrorize the western world, as “They hate our freedoms: our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other.” Canadians “are targeted by these terrorists for no other reason than that we are Canadians. They want to harm us because they hate our society and the values it represents.” Many Muslims have suffered at the hands local dictators is not a valid excuse for their poor acts too..


RUSSIAN police have foiled a plot by Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists to bomb public transport in Moscow .  Armed police raided an apartment in the Russian capital on Sunday and discovered a home-made bomb packing a devastating 11 pounds of explosives, which Islamist fanatics were planning to detonate on crowded buses and trains. Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSS) said that detectives have arrested 15 people in connection with the plot, some of whom were trained at ISIS camps in Syria. 

Christians ordered to CONVERT OR DIE by ISIS jihadis as they declare a European caliphate The Assyrian community in Gothenburg, Sweden are being tormented by the threats and police have now launched a probe. Gothenburg – in the south-west of the country – is thought to be a hotbed for jihadist recruiting. At least 150 people are thought to have left the city, dubbed the “Swedish centre for jihadists”, to join ISIS.


The mostly Ungodly western media reports how many Muslims are being killed while neglecting to write about how many Christians are also being killed in the same Islamic Countries. The Jewish influence.


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