The   rebel war has brought a  woe onto the Ukraine economy.  Their economy was beyond saving when the war arrived.   Ukraine had a bad trade reputation with the Eurozone long before the war and that is not something the war caused or exacerbated.  Also Ukraine has been accused of stealing petroleum from neighboring countries by adjusting the pipelines that transported the gas from Russia. This has made it difficult for any nations to assist them with monetary deals to redeem their country. The corruption has crippled the economy in a way that investments do not flourish the way that it should. This problem is underestimated in the article, but it should not because corruption is an enemy to growth. These problems were all present and active long before the revolution got to the region. The rebel war has only emphasized the terror in Ukraine that was already in existence. and the Ukrainian revolution has added the  damages, but the true major damage was done long before the first gun was shot.

The Western world support for Ukraine has  wiggled out of any of its moral dilemma by blaming Poroshenko mismanagement. Ukraine is now faced with the necessity of making concessions to Putin. It will take some time to sink in, but help of the kind Kiev expected  really needs is not coming. Ukraine has been betrayed by all . No one cares about the people of Ukraine as long as their nationalistic policy of  racism, hatred is still followed

” The  European “leaders”, their position on Ukraine  is exactly the one of a dog on a leash.  Their master, Uncle Sam, can and does give them some length of leash to play around, but that length of leash can be shortened at any second and there is absolutely nothing the Eurocretins can do about it.  Even if they do, at times, pretend like they can have an opinion of their own, the reality is that none of them will dare defy the will of the USA.  They will pull on the leash, some of them will bark a little, and then they will come to heel, like the good doggies that they are.”  The US will not aid Ukraine fully, and thus Ukraine is sinking fast with no one to help her. Russia  hopes the  economic woes will help the Ukrainian people to kick out their nationalistic government. The Greeks have their Nazis and immigration problems. The Ukrainians will be exporting both and have a hot war situation as well. That, and that ‘stolen’ foreign debt is why they won’t be joining the EU anytime soon.

Putin has  outmaneuvered the west badly here.  And   there is little doubt that the Kremlin continues to win its bet that – for all the histrionics and breast-beating over his incursions into Crimea and eastern Ukraine by the West – the West is unlikely to do much of anything even  monetary to bolster the increasingly enfeebled Ukrainian state. No social welfare for Ukraine for sure.  Just like the Titanic, the Ukraine is sinking faster and faster. … the Ukrainian economy, it    continues to tumble down at a free-fall acceleration. Now it’s pretty evident that Russia wants Ukraine back  to the Russian circle of influence.

If anything, the West’s sanctions have only  strengthened Putin’s resolve to get his way and consolidated his popularity among the Russian  nationalist voters, expanding Putin’s support base at home. If Putin ever cared about Western reactions, for sure he no longer does. His  visible  signs  of unwillingness to negotiate rather than a nod to international pressure is clear

Ukraine’s sad  economic condition long predates the present negative reality , certainly has not helped the  matters. Now its endemic history  of corruption, lack of rule of law, and almost total disinclination to engage in structural reform made many outsiders  decide that they  wanted no part of the place.

One cannot blame Putin for what is going on in Ukraine!
One cannot blame Putin for what is going on with inflation!
One cannot blame Putin for what is going on with corruption!
One cannot blame Putin for the absence of reforms!  As there have been none!

Then mini-war taking place in Ukraine between the “President” Poroshenko and the notorious Jewish oligarchs does not help

Ukraine’s economy is kaput. Kaput! Kaput!  There is no hope for Ukraine’s economy.  Only solution is to return back to mother Russia.

It is a criminal offence to try to overthrow the US government by force. So is  the Ukrainian nationalist forces that overthrow the Ukrainian elected government an acceptable party for the US, but it is forbidden on the soil of US for anyone to do the same?   A US citizen doesn’t has the same right like an Ukrainian to overthrow by force the government if he feels like that necessary , like the government corrupt or incompetent. US Hypocrisy, Dual Standards, Immorality. Don’t worry. A lot of people here are so brainwashed that they will not comprehend hypocrisy that west practices daily.

If the West is truly serious about rescuing Ukraine from Putin’s clutches, it would have done so now, and the negotiations over a deal to save Kiev from default on its debts have failed. If it is not going to do so, it should maintain an eloquent silence.

Too many remain convinced that the West should not offer much help to a country that amounts to such a losing proposition.

The  West, which has shaped and preserved the global order since 1945, has died too, The US rising debt levels, loss of  world wide competency, the false Arab invasion and a clear moral degradation of the west  brings an end to the western totalitarian ambitions.

Thus  Kiev is economically on its last legs. Ukraine’s currency, the hryvnia, has declined by more than 60 per cent against the dollar since the start of 2014, while the country’s debt pile is increasingly unsustainable, as much of it is dollar-denominated. The IMF has matter-of-factly proclaimed that debt restructuring is absolutely necessary.

The country’s GDP is estimated to have declined by almost one-quarter (23 per cent) since 2012, with a further contraction expected this year of up to 9 per cent. Inflation is set to rise to 46 per cent by the end of 2015. The government in Kiev is demanding that creditors accept a 40 per cent write-down if Ukraine’s debt is to be made sustainable, something they have adamantly refused to do.

As to the distress of the Ukrainian economy  the   western real  response  is to  conveniently forget about the crisis, coupled with Europe’s usual embarrassed  lack of ability to move toward meaningful foreign policy action of any sort.


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