Now the relationship between Russia and Ukraine is still deadlocked. The most immediate issue between the two is the fact that Ukraine is a county of thugs and thieves still. Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko is  under pressure from the United States also to intensify reforms and amid calls for protests against a government accused of turning a blind eye to corruption. Ukraine is on the cusp – what happens in the next year is likely to determine the fate of the country for generations,” said Mr Biden 


Many reformist politicians, activists and other Ukrainian citizens accuse Mr Poroshenko and the government of prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk of dragging their feet on overhauling the tax and judicial systems, and of doing too little to stop dodgy deals.The governor of Odessa region Mikheil Saakashvili – Georgia’s former president and leader of its 2003 Rose Revolution – accused Mr Yatsenyuk of standing idle while “oligarchs” deprived the state of billions.


There is also the disagreement over Ukraine’s agreement with the European Union, which has led Russia to threaten restrictions on agricultural imports from Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine held talks recently on a different issue: the status of Ukraine’s trade agreement with the European Union. Russia has warned that it will restrict all agricultural imports from Ukraine starting Jan. 1, when the economic component of Ukraine’s association agreement with the European Union comes into effect.

These problems will go unresolved for some time, even the standoff over eastern Ukraine, which is likely to continue well into next decades.

The challenge to Russia’s interests in its own backyard by the initial expansion of NATO is responsible for this renewed Cold War mentality and belligerence from Russia. Pushing NATO as far east as geopolitically possible is reminiscent of the neocon fever dream that brought us the invasion of Iraq and the resulting chaos that followed. NATO  Washington are  prepared to start a world war in order to save their criminal enterprise – while they are acting as the air force for jihadist terrorists. Washington is prepared to start a world war in order to save its criminal enterprise – while acting as the air force for jihadist terrorists.

Earlier this month, NATO has amassed more than 30,000 troops and hundreds of aircraft and warships in the largest display of Western military strength in eastern Europe and speed since 9/11. The exercise included a 5,000-strong rapid-reaction force  and it invited tiny Montenegro to join — in defiance of Russian warnings that such a move would be a provocation. It’s an echo back to the Cold War days when some 300,000 U.S. troops waited for a Soviet tank invasion across the Fulda Gap in central Germany. But there are many voices — even in Russia — who say that an invasion of the Baltics by Putin is the stuff of fantasy  – American political analyst .

Randy Martin at crookedbough.com says that recent events are proof that Washington and its NATO allies are indeed at war in Syria. Not against the IS jihadists, as officially claimed, but against the Syrian state. By extension that means NATO has also moved to a war footing against Russia, as an ally of the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Western governments are being seen to be in league with regional despotic regimes like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. More damningly, Western governments are also shown to be colluding with some of the most barbaric terror groups known in modern times. Their military operations in Syria and Iraq have only made the terror networks expand and their Turk ally – a NATO member – is up to its eyes in financing jihadists through a massive oil-smuggling racket.

Western powers are losing their covert war.  Putin has smashed a hornet’s nest hanging from a tree and now all hell is breaking out,”

NATO is looking to start a war with Russia and Europe will pay the big cost of it.

“  you have to also remember that there has been a lot of anger in some quarters in Washington regarding the Russian role being played. There are many people in Washington that are saying that Russia is outmuscling the US in Syria,”  “  there is an American effort to try to thwart the advances made be the Syrian army ever since Russia began with its military operations in Syria,”

Russia’s new maritime doctrine ‘to counter NATO’s expansion’, focuses on Crimea & Arctic. Russia has completed equipping its six military bases in the Arctic , the work for the deployment and equipment of six military bases on the Arctic islands and in the polar part of mainland Russia is completed,”where bases were deployed on the islands of Kotelny (New Siberian Islands), Alexandra Land (part of the Franz-Joseph Land archipelago), Sredny (Severnaya Zemlya), as well as in the Rogachevo settlement (Novaya Zemlya), on Cape Schmidt and Wrangel Island (part of the Chukotka autonomous area).

Russia is also expanding and fortifying an airbase in Syria’s Homs province to accommodate its warplanes, and using yet another one, also near Homs, for helicopter sorties.

The west are building up Warships in Mediterranean amid rising tension over Syria The United States has three destroyer ships in the Mediterranean, while France has five ships and Italy has two ships. Of the five French ships, one is an aircraft carrier, two are destroyers, one is a frigate and one is an intelligence ship. Britain, Belgium, Spain, Canada, Portugal, Greece and the Netherlands also have one ship in the region.

Russian military vehicles have already moved scores of Iskander missiles into Kaliningrad — each nuclear-capable and with a range of 250 miles. Kaliningrad is highly weaponized, but only in reaction to NATO’s encroachment of Russia’s western border

Russia still has a major position in the world that they do seek to re-establish. Moscow is “engaging in a large-scale military modernisation project with the intention of projecting power into Asia” and “its relationship with China, Asia has deepened considerably”.

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