and the show goes on and on



The United States is a state sponsor of terrorism in Syria it is false that the opposition has grass-roots support and that the conflict is a sectarian war between Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s Alawite sect and the majority Sunnis.

One reaps what one sows.. some times drastically

European governments treat refugees as a hostile invasion force. Between 2007 and 2011, the EU provided its member states 2.2 billion euros for refugees, but only a fraction of this amount has gone towards their accommodation and integration. Around half of the money, one billion euros, has flowed into border protection: the construction of fences, surveillance and controls.

Three months into his military intervention in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin has achieved his central goal of stabilizing the Assad government and, with the costs relatively low, could sustain military operations at this level for years, U.S. officials and military analysts say. Russia is taking advantage of the operation to test new weapons in battlefield conditions and integrate them into its tactics, the intelligence official said. It is refining its use of unarmed surveillance drones.  Russia’s intervention also has  strengthened its hand at the negotiating table. In recent weeks, Washington has engaged more closely with Russia in seeking a settlement to the war and backed off a demand for the immediate departure of Assad as part of any political transition. Russia launched its military air campaign in Syria against terrorist groups on September 30 after Damascus officially requested its aid due to the critical situation in the county resulting from its civil war. Russia has conducted over 5,200 combat sorties since then. Russian air strikes had  successfully hit targets also  located in “Aleppo, Idlib, Latakia, Hama, Homs, Damascus, Deir ez-Zor, and Raqqa provinces.”  Assisted by Russian air support, the Syrian Democratic Forces have made significant progress in IS-controlled areas in Syria.   Syrian government troops  have started a large-scale offensive against ISIS terrorists and have already established control over a number of areas in different Syrian provinces. The Syrian Arab Army has made significant progress in eliminating ISIS terrorists and destroying their command centers, ammo depots and

Russian casualties in Syria have been relatively minimal, officially put at three dead. U.S. officials estimate that Russia may have suffered as many as 30 casualties overall. The Syrian war is not financially stressing Russia. “All the available data shows us that the current level of military effort is completely insignificant for the Russian economy and Russian budget,”  “It can be carried on at the same level year after year after year,”

That assessment comes despite public assertions by President Barack Obama and top aides that Putin has embarked on an ill-conceived mission in the attempted support   of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that Russia  will struggle to afford and that will likely fail. Rather it  is Obama who will be known as a failure  here and rightfully so for his  false war against Syria. The US, the West, seem to still also  cast doubt about  Russia and it’s intentions, success. Why are they so Jealous?

As long as IS  Muslim terrorists continue  to flourish, the related  refugees will remain a major problem, and their terrorist attacks like those in Paris are unlikely to disappear or even abate

It was France and England that led the move to bomb Libya and take out Moamar Gadhafi. So, still being charitable, we might conclude that Libya taught the Europeans that removing a dictator won’t deliver a functioning state where the citizens can remain instead of fleeing.

The west and the EU were ready to cause a war in Syria that led to millions of Syrian refugees next.. Middle Easterners sometimes observe wryly that although the West causes also some of their region’s problems,  in the past Westerners mostly did not  have to suffer the consequences. In 2015, that observation ceased to be valid, at least with respect to Europe and the West. The world’s collective failure next also to solve the multi-directional Syrian civil war led to a refugee crisis that affected Europe profoundly. The open European borders promised by the Schengen treaty are in the process of being sealed, and immigration is now widely acknowledged to threaten the future of the European Union itself Europe has been invaded by Muslims most of whom are on social aid now  too..

First, blame the US, which began the shakeup in the region by invading Iraq, and bears enormous responsibility for the consequences, which include a weakened Iraq and therefore part of Islamic State’s rise. There’s a lot to this, of course – but Britain joined the US in Iraq

A Europe that blames the US and the Arabs for the region’s troubles and discounts its own historical role can easily act as though Syria is someone else’s problem. But as 2015 shows, it isn’t. Europe contributed to the disaster, and more important, it can’t hide from the consequences.  2016 will  continue the trend of the costly  refugee flows, invasions.

Now  two men were arrested at a refugee center on suspicion of having links to the Paris attacks. The men entered the country at the same time as the Paris attackers and were also using false Syrian passports.  Germany’s problems go far beyond a few potential terrorists with false passports. The German newspaper Bild is reporting that more than 250,000 of the refugees who have entered the country this year cannot be located because the system of registering refugees was so bad. Last month Sweden became the fourth country to re-establish border controls since the start of the migrant crisis this summer. In September, Germany, Austria and Slovenia temporarily limited the free movement policy within the EU.

Right-wing populist Geert Wilders has been named Dutch Politician of the Year for the third time. The anti-immigration and anti-Islam MP likens the Koran to Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ and wants to close national borders to stop an “Islamic invasion

While the European Muslim refugees continues where over a million refugees have already been allowed in, tense anti-immigrant protests are quickly spreading. Conservative political parties are also on the rise from Sweden to Poland to the Czech Republic, partially fueled by the recent terror attacks in Paris. These political leaders fear not only the numbers of refugees, but the Islamic radicals they believe could be hiding among them.  Many refugees are  caught in the cross-hairs of this backlash. There have been over 800 anti-refugee assaults and arson attacks in Germany this year alone. And the refugee influx into Europe has created unprecedented issues, including mass brawls at overcrowded refugee centers.

Refugees coming to Europe an ‘organised invasion’, says Czech President Milos Zeman.. “I am profoundly convinced that we are facing an organised invasion and not a spontaneous movement of refugees,” Mr Zeman said. Mr Zeman added that children, the old and the sick deserve compassion but single young men fleeing the Middle East should stay behind and take up arms. The refugees fleeing their war-torn nations were only strengthening Isis.

The Swiss  mayor of Oberwil-Lieli Andreas Glarner previously expressed his clear desire not to admit any refugees in the town and instead pay a 270,000 Euro fine. When asked what he would tell a refugee family, the mayor stated that the answer would be “They just made a precarious journey in vain”.

The brutality with which the ruling class in Europe deals with refugees is the sharpest expression of its hostility to  Islam. Somehow, when you investigate terrorism, Islam keeps popping up.That isn’t a surprising conclusion, unless you work in the Obama administration.






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