Russia’s Dmitry Medvedev prime minister accused the West of rekindling the Cold War, ALSO STATING that sanctions imposed after the annexation of Crimea and new moves by the NATO alliance “only aggravate” tensions. “NATO’s policies related to Russia remain unfriendly and opaque — one could go so far as to say we have slid back to a new Cold War,” he said. He called for sanctions on Russia imposed after it annexed Crimea from Ukraine in March 2014 to be lifted, saying they were “a road that leads nowhere.” Medvedev suggested the West would harm itself if it did not lift the sanctions soon.”The longer the sanctions continue, chances for the Europeans to keep their position at the Russian market as investors and suppliers are fading,” he said. “That’s why one has to act quickly.”



Putin was right nd he, unlike many heads of states of Europe soberly assessed the situation and made certain decisions. The US policy has always been a unipopular, the desire of ther US to control the whole world.  It is no open secret to world foreign countries who helped Syria turning into big refugee crisis are Saudi Arabia, Turkey, US.  Europe should complain refugee crisis to their US counterpart government who backed funding rebels, sectarian violence and creation of ISIS emanated from Gulf War. The Russian approach is the only approach that goes in favor of Syria rather then the false  US and Saudi “regime change” approach. NATO and US are both losing credibility world wide at an alarming speed by their changing the world based on “Regime Change” strategies. Ask the US do what they  only claim they want to do…. defeat the Islamic State.

The Syrian army looked poised on Saturday to advance into the Islamic State-held province of Raqqa for the first time since 2014. If its forces retake Aleppo and seal the Turkish border, Damascus would deal a crushing blow to the insurgents who were on the march until Russia intervened, shoring up Assad’s rule and paving the way to the current reversal of rebel fortunes.Assad, backed on the ground by Iranian combatants aIn addition to big power ally Russia, is showing no appetite for a negotiated ceasefire. He declared this week that the government’s goal was to recapture all of Syria, though he said this could take time.

Russia has said it will keep bombing Islamic State and the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front, which in many areas of western Syria fights government forces in close proximity to insurgents deemed moderates by Western states.  Foreign opponents of Assad including Saudi Arabia and Turkey have been supplying vetted rebel groups with weapons via a Turkey-based operations center. Some of these groups have received military training overseen by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. The vetted groups have been a regular target of the Russian air strike


Medvedev said “There is no evidence of our bombing civilians, even though everyone is accusing us of this,” he said. “Russia is not trying to achieve some secret goals in Syria. We are simply trying to protect our national interests,” he said, adding that Moscow wanted to prevent Islamist militants getting to Russia.






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