America’s news about Russia is heavily distorted, censored

How exactly do Americans keep a straight face when criticizing Russia, while arming terrorists world wide to protect the “American way”??? 

 Sixty percent of all mainstream Western media reports ARE BIASSED  smear China  and Russia. Western media outlets don’t cover others fairly as they are  sensational, and especially in recent decades  negative.   Western media plays up Russia’s and  China’s weaknesses, exaggerates their potential as a regional threat, and ignore their successes. The term “Western media” often  thus has a negative connotation.  U.S. news tends to slant, gossip , lie, bully, putdown others  towards the negative and the sensational cause it sells readership.  The  US  media tends to present a near-apocalyptic vision of life in the world’s wealthiest nation – that U.S  infrastructure, U.S politics, the health care system, society, and capitalism itself are  shown as irreparably broken cause this sells.. Their readers are  more likely to read negative articles than positive articles. Western media outlets or government spokes people   purposely and systematically misrepresent the reality, truth as well can see, as respective Western media hype is simply a rehash of the ‘China or Russia threat theory’. There are   truly too many examples of Western media outputs  being maliciously misconstrued., purposefully ‘misconstrued’ as others  having impure intent.”  Western media selectively exaggerate what they want to report or neglect what they do not want to report.  and do not present e objective and impartial reports..  All “Western media” itself deserves scrutiny. It’s vague and monolithic, making it convenient as a pejorative label but difficult to pin down for honest analysis.  The  U.S. news is infamously gloomy in most of its coverage as well.

“America’s unsavory record of violent interventions also in Syria—obscured to the American people yet was still well known many others.  Most Americans are still unaware of the many ways that “blowback” from previous CIA blunders in the middle east has helped craft the current crisis. During the 1950’s, President Eisenhower, a Jew,  as where Franklin D. Roosevelt the 32nd U.S. President and also Winston Churchill, thus the Dulles brothers rebuffed Soviet treaty proposals to leave the Middle East a cold war neutral zone and let Arabs rule Arabia. Instead, they mounted a clandestine war against Arab Nationalism—which CIA Director Allan Dulles equated with communism—particularly when Arab self-rule threatened oil concessions. They pumped secret American military aid to tyrants in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon favoring puppets with conservative Jihadist ideologies which they regarded as a reliable antidote to Soviet Marxism.  The US wanted to build an oil pipeline  from Iraq to Lebanon through Syria which was opposed by the Syrians.  There as also the  proposed Qatar-Turkey natural gas pipeline  through Syria.   The international trade embargo, until recently, prohibited Iran from selling gas abroad and ensured that Qatar’s gas could only reach European markets if it is liquefied and shipped by sea, a route that restricts volume and dramatically raises costs.   The EU, which gets  70  percent of its gas from Russia, was also hungry for these pipeline which would have given its members cheap energy and relief from Russia’s  economic and political leverage. Assad further enraged others by endorsing a Russian approved “Islamic pipeline” running from Iran’s side of the gas field through Syria and to the ports of Lebanon. The Islamic pipeline would make Shia Iran instead of Sunni Qatar, the principal supplier to the European energy market and dramatically increase Tehran’s influence in the Mid-East and the world. Israel   was   determined to derail the Islamic pipeline which might  enrich Iran and Syria and presumably strengthen their proxies, Hezbollah and Hamas.  Secret cables and reports by the U.S., Saudi and Israeli intelligence agencies indicate that the moment Assad rejected the Qatari pipeline, military and intelligence planners quickly arrived at the consensus that fomenting a Sunni uprising in Syria to overthrow the uncooperative Bashar Assad. The CIA’s  original plan was to destabilize the Syrian government, and create a pretext for an invasion by Iraq and Jordan, whose governments were already under CIA control . But all that CIA money failed to do this. The CIA next plotted with Britain’s MI6 to form a “Free Syria Committee” and armed the Muslim Brotherhood to assassinate three Syrian government officials. In 2011, the U.S. joined France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and England to form the “Friends of Syria Coalition,” which formally demanded the removal of Assad. The CIA provided $6 million to Barada, a British T.V. channel, to produce pieces entreating Assad’s ouster.The western press portrait of the Free Syria Army as cohesive battalions of Syrian moderates was delusional too . Across the Mid-East, Arab leaders routinely accuse the U.S. of having created ISIS.. The Syrian and Iranian coups soiled America’s reputation across the Mid-East and ploughed the fields of Islamic Jihadism which   have  next matured. In fact, many of the ISIS fighters and their commanders are ideological and organizational successors to the Jihadists that the CIA has been nurturing for 30 years. The CIA began arming and training the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan in 1979 to fight the Soviets. Following the Soviet withdrawal, the CIA’s Afghan Mujahedeen became the Taliban while its foreign fighters, including Osama bin Laden, formed Al-Qaeda. America’s founding fathers warned Americans against standing armies, foreign entanglements and, in John Adams’ words, “going abroad in search of monsters to destroy.” Those wise men understood that imperialism abroad is incompatible with democracy and civil rights at home. They wanted America to be a “city on a hill”—a model of democracy for the rest of the world. It’s time for Americans to turn America away from this new imperialism and back to the path of idealism and democracy”

The western lies about  Russia and Russia’s president have grown so thick, threatening the world with devastating war, and now the western  press is still suffering their  typical  sickness, a case of sharply changing the narrative on Russia from one incorrect assessment to another. because it hates the Russians, is racist. At the outset of the Russian air campaign Syria , U.S. officials called it a predetermined failure. Here their foresight proved as faulty as many others when predicting the course of events in the Middle East. The incorrect readings stems from an inherent bias among the ruling  US policy establishment.  

Washington and London are all-out to demonize Russian leader Vladimir Putin  even falsely accusing the Russian president of financial corruption all Washington and London are guilty of state terrorism in their illegal wars, regime-change operations and drone assassinations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Honduras, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Ukraine, Pakistan and Somalia since US President Barack Obama was elected in 2008 – which have resulted in millions of innocent lives being destroyed. It shows a complete breakdown in their  respect for international law, sovereignty and scruples; not that Washington or London had much scruples to begin with. The ISIS  network, like al-Qaeda and the Mujahideen in Central Asia and the Russian Caucasus, the Contra in Central America and Gladio terrorists in Europe, among many others, are an undeniable creation of Western intelligence: the American CIA and British MI6, along with other governmental terrorist-sponsoring agencies in France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel, The criminality does not stop there. While in Riyadh last weekend, US secretary of state John Kerry also reiterated Washington’s support for the Saudi-led military coalition that has been bombing Yemen non-stop for the past 10 months. Kerry repeated Saudi lies justifying its military aggression in Yemen that has resulted in nearly 8,000 deaths. Both Washington and London have supplied warplanes, missiles and logistics for the Saudi slaughter in the Arab world’s poorest country. Not even hospitals and family homes have been spared in the war of aggression on Yemen, where up to 80 per cent of the 24 million total population are being starved of food, water, fuel and medicines owing to a US, British, Saudi military blockade on the entire country. .Yet these two state-terrorist regimes have the audacity to make a song and dance with slanderous allegations against Russia’s Vladimir Putin based on their own mischievous lies.. the truth is still known to many though. The Washington morons think that they are isolating Russia, but what the fools are doing is isolating Washington and its vassals from the world.


The struggle as to what countries, armies, militias and groups will dominate in Syria and Iraq is of crucial significance to the future of the Middle East, not just for the US, UK, but for  the Arab countries ,  for Turkey, Iran, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Russia at the moment is the most important outside power due also to its large  effective military presence both on the ground and in the air. For Russia and Iran, it is vital they sustain these geopolitical and geostrategic positions in Syria in  order to be a major political and military force in the eastern Mediterranean due to the large oil and gas deposits in the region. Russia   has a strategic interest in keeping Assad in office as it has a military base there and it’s been working hard to be an important regional force as a counter to the US – but  clearly Russia works at  undermining Turkey’s role in the region and its place in NATO. “Russia is a great power and an important player in the Middle East. It is in fact not only an actor, but also it writes the script,” Russia’s Air Campaign in Syria Has Changed the Course of History.

The United States spends its time explaining with mere words to  the world  what will be, while Moscow with actions works to change what is. The Russian plan for this war was better, since the United States had no plan.  Russia is pressing its advantage, hoping to secure the major cities for the Syria regime, while leaving the ISIS-held eastern part of the country as an “American problem.”  Few in the middle east region are happy with the U.S. policy during the Arab Spring. If there was another power capable of providing security and acting independently,  such as Russia it would be of course welcome in the Middle East. Major  quagmire is less visible in Russia’s military operations, but rather more in U.S. thinking on how to deal with Moscow, others.

The major media don’t look for great reporters; they look for money  form the rich corporations because America’s aristocrats control half of the world’s international corporations, and those corporations are thoroughly dependent upon national governments, so they write what they are told to write.. The dominance of lies or propaganda over news-reporting is inevitable in any type of economic system, the Western  ones too. Anyone who follows the news regularly, knows that the western media has falsely done everything in its power to smear Vladimir Putin and to demonize him.  The U.S. mainstream news media routinely shuts out real journalists and analysts who question the righteousness of American interventionism, actions.  It’s essential for the US-dominated west to manufacture anti-Russian fantasies, ghoulish manufactured reportage including  by  the Independent (and other hate-Putin fraternities) .  Disinformation, propaganda, are  useful. American approach, tools.  Disinformation became a vital important component of the American approach to governance, dealing with other nations.

Truth and freedom of speech  are falsely curtailed. Yes  loads of media outlets followed the same propaganda line. The UK Daily Mail as well , which is admittedly a joke of a newspaper. There is hypocrisy in the fact that western media castigated people — without real evidence.  There’s no limit to the depths to which these people will plunge  for the citizens best of their country.   The tsunami of malevolent anti-Russian propaganda surged on and still surges, thanks to such as the US Secretary of State John Kerry who cannot  tell any truths as he works for the devil clearly.  And   in resorting to such measures, we do risk losing the  battle for democracy.  Why should we believe John Kerry’s rabble-rousing proclamations about anything to do with Russia?  Where is his proof?

It’s OK for the US to shoot down an Iranian airliner and kill 290 people — there’s never been an apology to the Iranian people for that war crime —  and the US has killed many innocents citizens in their Iraq and Syrian wars t00, but when there’s an opportunity to claim, to shriek, to propagandise at cyclone-level, that a disaster has occurred in which there just the  chance to blame Russia, then there is  loud US  outcries,   clamour for investigation and Justice, punishment

America has jumped the gun on accusing Russia of war crimes by bombing a MSF hospital in northern Syria last week killing 25 people, as it seems the doctor’s charity did not provide either the Russians or the Syrian government with its GPS coordinates. It feared it would be a target, but the failure to provide those coordinates means what may  have been a war crime has now become a regrettable and possibly avoidable tragedy.

“Of course there must be an investigation.  And let it take into account exactly where Washington stood in regard to the first rebellion in Ukraine, against the elected government, and precisely what it did to foment it. Let the whole gutter-gobbing sleazy tale be told but without anti-Russian hysteria. Or western  hatred, of course “…

Still it  is no secret that Russia’s media machine is much more effective than the western  one or  Ukraine’s..

The real threat to all Arab regimes and governments in the past century emanates from within, their oppressive,, incompetent management of their own people and resources too.  The bottom line is that the insecure and politically immature Arabs, whose vulnerabilities actually stem more from their own lack of  viable management rather than from any external danger. Turkey itself had enjoyed a decade of healthy and expanding trade, tourism, and political relations with most Arab states, but now it suffers major  economic and problematic relations with some key countries, like Russia, the US, Syria and Iraq.  Russian-backed Syrian and Kurdish offensives in the northwestern Syrian Aleppo region have infuriated Ankara and Riyadh. After all that was the region where  Turkey they had given support to the Syrian terrorists, rebels.  Also since a UN authorized invasion of Syria will never happen, this means some kind of “coalition of the willing”, possibly NATO. The problem here is that the Europeans have no desire to end up in a war against Russia. 

Turkey is  increasingly viewed as “unstable and unreliable.” A Turkish intervention in Syria has almost no chance of scoring any military success. Even the prospect of the Bosphorus blockade is not as threatening as it once seemed.  Syria Express is now mainly concerned with providing consumables like munitions and spare parts to the forces fighting in Syria. In the event Bosphorus were to be blocked by Turkey, Syrian oriented supplies could be shipped from the Baltic Sea and, or  by air using the traditional Caspian-Iran-Iraq-Syria air route. Moscow was able to outmaneuver Ankara by placing a highly effective military force right under its nose in Syria and reverse the course of the war before Ankara was able to react. In the meantime, the Russian backed Syrian forces are still advancing. Since the beginning of their counter-offensive the Syrians have succeeded in recapturing all of the strategic locations in western Syria in slow and incremental steps and they are now threatening Raqqa. Turkey and Saudi Arabia seem to be doing little more than posturing and flailing frantically and furiously, wasting energy, resources while their proxy supported efforts to depose the Assad regime in Syria founder has failed..

Turkey is receiving oil from ISIS, through official complicity, illicit criminal networks, The Associated Press corroborated stated  that upwards of 30,000 barrels of oil are being extracted each day by ISIS from Syria, much of which ends up in Turkey. While Erdogan and his ruling party have not been sanctioned by the U.S. or anyone in the west for that matter, one can only conclude that this willful blindness means that the U.S. is fearful for Erdogan’s political stability . .

The lurch toward a more Islamist, autocratic posture by President Recep Tayyib Erdogan has long worried regional and western observers, particularly his strong curbs on political speech and active political repression of the Kurds.   The political mistakes of the government with regard to the Syrian civil war are coming home to roost in ways that are increasingly worrying for ordinary citizens, who are already witnessing Syria-related massacres by this or that terrorist group in the heart of their capital. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been demanding that the United States and other NATO allies support him in his war against the Kurds of Syria, who are, incidentally, regarded as allies by Washington in the war against ISIS. The Turks have been bombarding Kurdish positions and staging special ops raids,  One can reasonably argue that Turkey’s present desperation is a direct product of President Erdogan’s miscalculations. He deliberately abandoned efforts to maintain a ceasefire with the Kurds and instead escalated the conflict with them when he began bombarding their positions in Syria in the Summer of 2015.  

Turkey’s management of these various crises has been disastrous. From the collapse of the Kurdish peace process which, until the Syrian war, had been making promising progress, to the downing of a Russian jet, Erdogan appears to have done everything possible to make Turkey’s situation worse. Turkey’s open hostility to the U.S.-backed YPG Kurdish militia have cost the country much of its international influence as it has distanced them from Turkey . At present, Turkey’s situation looks like a lose-lose. It would behoove Washington to be very cautious before climbing on to the Turkish bandwagon.

Remarkably, also  there are very few signs of the Ukrainian war in the west — no evidence of  supposed convoys or displaced people, not even anti-Russian graffiti. nor the truth that the Ukrainians are advised to inform on those, who support Russia and stand against the current Kiev authorities. Anyone, who encounters these “unreliable” people dubbed “domestic separatists,” can call a hotline of Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) to share the information with the authorities. The campaign, reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition, has full support from the Ukrainian government -There is an extensive list of guidelines to determine whether a person is a “domestic separatist,” should ordinary people have any doubts. For instance, “separatists are those who campaign against mobilization or who are waiting for Putin to arrive. The punishment is imprisonment from 7 to 12 years,” But nowhere in Ukraine do you find triumphalism: What emerges quickly in conversations with regular people — around churches, on buses and in parks — is distrust of the government. President Poroshenko is not beloved; he’s a billionaire “oligarch” (the oft-heard term for some 100 people who control approximately 80%-85% of the country’s wealth)


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