NEW MAJOR setback for Ukraine’s democratic development

The fall of Communism,  SOVIET UNION 25 years ago led to social welfare to Ukraine being cut off, and Ukrainians had to go to work or steal. Many chose to steal. Ukraine  was, is really upset that  Russia firstly had stopped giving Ukraine social welfare and now it  looks to Canada, US,  EU for social welfare.


United States and the West do not fully comprehend how closely intertwined the histories of Russia and Ukraine are.  It is just an historical fact that it isn’t.  There is no matter of opinion there.  There is simply no historical period in history when the Ukraine was a country.  The various parts of it were always controlled by either Russia, Austro-Hungaria or the Turks. The Ukraine is one of the poorest non-African countries in the world, and all of it’s infrastructure and industry was built and maintained by Russians or Hungarians.  It is all religious politics, No one in the Ukraine territory actually wants the Ukraine to become some sort of independent country.  The East, obviously, wants to remain a province of Russia, of the Orthodox church, while the West wants to  reunite with their old Catholic masters.  


So unity is not possible  now Vladimir Putin’s plan for mainland Ukraine has become increasingly clear: partition or Big Russia and Little Russia — Ukraine. “Little Russia” — a term used during the Russian Empire to describe parts of modern-day Ukraine that came under czarist rule.  ” The Russian leadership is very apprehensive about what it sees as Western moves designed to tear Ukraine away from Russia,”


Panama Papers — legal records from the Mossack Fonseca law firm based in Panama — were published by news organizations working with the Washington-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.Ukraine’s president implicated  directly. When Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, a candy magnate, won the Ukrainian election in 2014, he pledged to sell his candy business. However, the Panama Papers allege that he instead set up an offshore holding company that allowed him to move his business to the British Virgin Islands. The move may have saved him millions of dollars in taxes, and has prompted accusations of tax evasion from opposition parties in the Ukraine. The documents leaked from a Panama law firm showed him holding three offshore accounts that could be used as tax havens. “Poroshenko was busy setting up an offshore tax haven for his business assets as Ukraine was suffering its worst defeat in a war against rebels in Ukraine in the summer of 2014,” “Poroshenko’s action might be illegal on two counts: he started a new company while president and he did not report the company on his disclosure statements,” it added.   Poroshenko had promised voters he would sell his business when he ran for office. Some adversaries of his are calling for him to be removed from office. 

  Today Ukraine is a ‘Failed US Project, a Battlefield With No Solution’ “Despite attempts at change by a new generation of bureaucrats, Ukraine’s economy remains unreformed. Taxes are oppressive but widely evaded, the shadow economy is growing and the regulatory climate for business has barely improved,” and  Ukraine’s incredibly corrupt justice system remained equally unreformed.” Presently the Ukrainian Administration is simply pretending to change and fight corruption,  but it has dome nothing still. Despite the US and EU’s efforts, the Ukrainian “project” is in danger. If the Ukrainian government falls it will be a deep embarrassment for Washington, Brussels and the IMF which sacrificed relations with Russia to support it. ‘Ukraine has become the poorest country of the European Union, even got ahead of Moldova which is tailing along,’ 


Now the United States needs to think for the longer-term. And if U.S.-provided weapons fail to induce a Russian retreat in Ukraine and instead cause an escalation of the war, the net result will not be peace and compromise.  The Russian regime has defined the struggle in Ukraine as part of an existential battle against American imperialism, in which the United States eventually seeks to impose its will on Russia itself. American provision of arms would lend credence to that view and increase the Russian government’s freedom of action at home ,  And to meet a Russian counter-escalation in Ukraine, the United States would have to either escalate the conflict beyond where it was originally willing to go or be forced into a humiliating retreat. Neither is a very attractive or credibility-enhancing option.


5 EU states block Ukraine’s membership prospects – Germany, France, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands all rejected the idea of Ukraine’s potential EU membership during the five-year negotiation period in 2008-2012, They prefer it stays a part of Russia,. Even after the 2014 Euro-Maidan revolution, the group of EU states refused to consider the matter of including a clause in the Association Agreement that would outline a roadmap for Ukraine’s potential ascension into the Union – despite efforts by Britain, Sweden, Poland and the Baltic states to pave the road for Kiev. Ukraine is an important buffer zone between the EU and Russia.Ukraine is just a place, populated by people who resemble Russians, and not an independent state with a national identity of its own. Ukraine the state whose capital was ancient Kyiv and which adopted Christianity 1,025 years ago was known as Rus’.  An independent  united Ukraine is simply not true. Donbass is populated by Russians. And that there is no difference with the Russians who live in the neighboring regions, in Russia, like Krasnodar or Stavropol: the same people, the same dialect, the same history. Ukraine is a little Russia , composed of territory taken from Russia, and others taken from Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, and Hungary. Its borders were the administrative frontiers of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Ukraine. Borders that never existed. It’s an imaginary territory, that  only exists due to administrative decrees


The West planned to create rift between Russia & Ukraine long ago. Mr.Brzezinski said: “The problem of America is the competition with Eurasia.” Eurasia – that is to say Europe, Russia and China and India, perhaps – and he says: “If all these countries are against us, it’s going to be terrible for us, we are not the first power in the world, so we have to divide Eurasia, to colonize Western Europe, to survey China and Russia. For us it makes really a problem, and the best thing would be to have weaker Russia and to organize conflict with Ukraine”.  Now NATO has no reason to survive, because NATO was created, in the beginning, to fight against communism and against Soviet Union. There’s no longer a Soviet Union. It would have been logical to destroy NATO too. NATO is a job creation program now.. The EU is more important   than the NATO.


Older people  very often think that Russia is always a Soviet Union, just the older people. But with younger people, it’s not the case at all. So, younger people in general are much more in favor of cooperation with Russia, even within the government, or within the Parliament.


It’s been 2 years since the Crimean referendum, pro-Russian referendum, and  it’s impossible to reverse the Crimean situation. The Us,  EU, is saying that the control over the peninsula needs to be given back to Ukraine. This is a military strategy. President Poroshenko is ordering Ukraine’s military to focus on Crimea, as Kiev   is getting military aid from the U.S.  to do so now. For Russian defence Crimea will be Russian in the future. It’s not possible to change that. NATO, especially the now  expanding one, is one of the main threats to Russia. Putin made clear that if NATO dared to take Ukraine into its fold, Putin will take…Crimea. You know, to protect Russia.. 


The Ukrainian decision to sever diplomatic relations with Russia will lead to the exacerbation of hostilities, member of Ukraine’s Petro Poroshenko Bloc parliamentary faction, first deputy head of Verkhovna Rada’s Foreign Affairs Committee Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze said

WASHINGTON (  U.S. Vice President Joe Biden told Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko  the United States was moving forward with an additional $335 million in security assistance, as Ukraine cannot even afford to pay it’s armed services members. Biden, who met with Poroshenko  also told the Ukrainian leader that firstly major efforts by Kiev to form a reform-oriented government were critical to unlocking international economic assistance, including a third $1 billion U.S. loan guarantee. So far this has not been carried out.  Corruption and repression are  making a roaring comeback in Ukraine.   Vice President Joseph Biden Jr. said corruption was eating Ukraine “like a cancer.”  Where has the US and EU past monies gone to?  “It doesn’t matter how much help the international community provides to Ukraine, how much funds and technical support Ukraine receives.  Corruption has been pervasive in Ukraine since independence, fed by close-knit ties between politicians and oligarchs and a weak justice system. ‘Corruption penetrates absolutely everything’ as Poroshenko repeats Yanukovych’s downfall.  Corruption was as dangerous for Ukraine as was the Russian support for the Ukrainian rebels  in eastern Ukraine. But the Ukrainian  president, the prime minister and the Parliament must be made to understand that the International Monetary Fund and donor nations, including the United States, cannot continue to shovel money into a corrupt swamp unless the government starts shaping the democratic rule that even the Ukrainians citizens have demanded in their protests. “It doesn’t matter how much help the international community provides to Ukraine, how much funds and technical support Ukraine receives. Ukraine stands before the challenge of overcoming corruption.” Ukraine’s Procurator General’s Office is responsible for enforcing the law, prosecuting the criminal charges filed by police and punishing those convicted. It has been notoriously corrupt ever since Ukraine gained independence and is widely viewed as the key source of the nation’s lawlessness and legal dysfunction. Reported economic crimes costing the government hundreds of billions of dollars throughout independence have also gone unpunished.  Many cannot understand why people who saw the downfall of Yanukovych and his Party of Regions, are repeating his path all the way through. The Poroshenko Bloc seems to be leading the country to something terrible


Residents of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) that live near the contact line in Donbass do not see any peace  improvements by Ukraine.   The situation on the contact line is deteriorating, shellings sometimes turn into “full-scale military actions,””Unfortunately, despite the fact that the Minsk Agreements were signed, and we constantly hear that the agreements should be implemented, our residents living near the contact line do not see that,” Poroshenko’s calls for deploying peacekeeprs in Donbass are empty and violating the Minsk Agreements. In the framework of the Minsk Agreements, Ukraine “should first carry out a constitutional reform, fulfill the provision on non-persecution of participants in the conflict, adopt laws on special status and, of course, on election.” Ukrainian government does not   make any concessions that could bring this civil war to an end.


The   rebel war has brought a  woe onto the Ukraine economy.  Their economy was beyond saving when the war arrived.   Ukraine had a bad trade reputation with the Eurozone long before the war and that is not something the war caused or exacerbated.  Also Ukraine has been accused of stealing petroleum from neighboring countries by adjusting the pipelines that transported the gas from Russia. This has made it difficult for any nations to assist them with monetary deals to redeem their country. The corruption has crippled the economy in a way that investments do not flourish the way that it should. This problem is underestimated in the article, but it should not because corruption is an enemy to growth. These problems were all present and active long before the revolution got to the region. The rebel war has only emphasized the terror in Ukraine that was already in existence. and the Ukrainian revolution has added the  damages, but the true major damage was done long before the first gun was shot. The Western world support for Ukraine has  wiggled out of any of its moral dilemma by blaming Poroshenko mismanagement. Ukraine’s endemic history  of corruption, lack of rule of law, and almost total disinclination to engage in structural reform made many outsiders  decide that they  wanted no part of the place.

One cannot blame Putin for what is going on in Ukraine!
One cannot blame Putin for what is going on with inflation!
One cannot blame Putin for what is going on with corruption!
One cannot blame Putin for the absence of reforms!  As there have been none!


NEW MAJOR setback for Ukraine’s democratic development  IS BEING CAUSED BY THE DICTATORIAL, MAFIA  UKRAINIAN LEADERS THEMSELVES. Poroshenko is not alone in this tyranny. Cosponsors of the legislation include Yulia Tymoshenko with Fatherland, Poroshenko Bloc deputy faction leader Yuri Lutsenko, Radical Party head Oleg Lyashko, a candidate can be excluded from the party’s election ticket at any time after the election day before the CEC issues a decision to recognize this candidate as the one that has been elected to parliament.


“Ukraine’s parliament successfully passed law No. 3700 .   Parliament’s new law restricts free speech and undermines the will of Ukrainian voters, as it allows the expulsion of deputy candidates from party lists on the proportional ballot. No longer do voters decide who is elected from the party lists. Instead, political party bosses have the unilateral and unchecked power to remove those candidates they don’t like. Voters may elect a candidate in a free and fair election, but if that candidate doesn’t obey every demand of the party bosses, he or she can be removed and replaced with a more pliant candidate down the list. This new law gives a handful of party bosses a monopoly to sell spots on the party list to the highest bidder. By signing law No. 3700, Poroshenko has lost credibility in talking about electoral reform.”


Ukraine is  ignoring all peace deals cause it prefers murder, violence, just like the mafia it is.

Amnesty International  identified Ukraine’s Right Sector nationalist militia as one of the worst culprits on the pro-government side.  “The Ukrainian authorities must investigate all allegations of war crimes and other abuses,  open files and collect evidence of abuses by separatist forces and bring to justice all those responsible for perpetrating such heinous acts,”

“Right Sector has reportedly held dozens of civilian prisoners as hostages, brutally torturing them and extorting large amounts of money from them and their families,  Russia consistently denies Ukrainian and Western allegations that it is supporting eastern Ukraine’s separatists with troops and equipment. The Defence Ministry said this week that the two men had been soldiers but were no longer serving.  Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia “is taking all necessary measures to get them out of captivity

“Amnesty International said. Amnesty said attempts to get Ukrainian authorities to address complaints over Right Sector have been ignored.


EXISTING  LEADERS OF UKRAINE LIE WHEN THEY CLAIM THEY WANT PEACE BUT MEANWHILE PROCEED TO MURDER THEIR OWN PEOPLE EVEN BY THE USE OF LANDMINES. Ukraine has more than 5 million LANDMINES  devices despite past lying promises to stop using them.. The Ukrainian military has  is deploying devices targeting individuals as well as vehicles in the east of their  country.  Kyiv implemented the Ottawa treaty in 2006 as part of a broader move towards closer ties with the EU, and embarked on a programme of destruction of anti-personnel mines.  Ukraine is using anti-personnel mines that violate the Ottawa anti-mine Treaty. Ukrainian Forces fighting  the rebel groups are accused of using explicitly illegal weapons.  Kyiv missed a June 2010 treaty-mandated deadline for the destruction of all stockpiles and has therefore been in violation of the Mine Ban Treaty ever since. A civilian  death toll from concealed explosive devices that lead  to indiscriminate killing has already topped 260 in less than two years of conflict between Ukrainian government forces and the Ukrainian rebel groups. A further 479 non-military personal are known to have suffered serious injuries when they ventured unaware into a minefield. The UN children’s agency UNICEF said at least 42 children had been killed and 109 injured by landmines and similar devices between the start of the war in April 2014 and March 31 this year According to the UN body, the main risk for civilians has shifted from actual warfare to mines and unexploded ordnance. No one knows where the landmines have been  planted . The location of many mines  have never even  been recorded. Ukraine is supposed to remove all mines in territory it controls by June 2016. However this deadline already appears impossible to meet.


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