Corruption Accusations, sends Shock Waves Abroad



Ukraine is regularly ranked among the most corrupt countries in the world and allegations of double dealing, inflated contracts, bribery, and other claims among business and political elites are common.

International financial institutions have warned Kyiv that its lack of reform and persistent corruption threaten billions in crucial aid that has helped keep the country afloat since its invasion by Russian forces to seize Crimea in 2014 and a continuing war against Russia-backed separatists in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions in eastern Ukraine. Kiev has also been pushing hard for the West to provide it weapons. But the potential for corruption has given Western officials and arms companies serious second thoughts as the country still lacks an effective law enforcement system and Kyiv’s progress on the path towards fight against corruption is minimal

Poroshenko has also faced repeated allegations of corruption, many dating to business holdings that have included chocolate manufacturer Roshen and the Channel Five TV station. Poroshenko’s popularity has waned as Ukrainians battle economic hardship fueled by Kyiv’s continuing fight against Russia-backed separatists.

Ukraine politicians’ huge cash piles exposed.  Ukraine’s Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman has revealed that he and his wife possess $1.8m (£1.5m) in cash. And the controversial mayor of Ukraine’s second biggest city Kharkiv, Gennadiy Kernes, has declared that he has more than $1.6m (£1.3m) in hard currency. Another member of parliament, Viktor Romanyuk, has declared that he has $753,000 (£618,000). 

Mikheil Saakashvili, the  former Georgian president who was brought on by Poroshenko to govern the Odesa region, resigned last month and accused Poroshenko of dishonesty and of sabotaging crucial reforms.




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