NATO, the warmonger

TRUMP 2 (27)


NATO is a war monger, especially against anyone, Russia included. “. On one side, Presidents Trump and Putin are negotiating the joint defense of their national interests. On the other, the major daily newspaper for the US and the world is accusing the US President of high treason, while the armed forces of the US and NATO are preparing for war with Russia and China. NATO, a job creation program, has been “absorbing many former Soviet republics — including Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Romania. It is scarcely surprising that Russia would perceive this expansion as a gross violation of trust in the West and a potential military threat given that the only reason for NATO’s existence was as a bulwark against Soviet communism. By that mandate, NATO should have been disbanded in 1990.”  NATO is seeking full Canadian membership in the madness. Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan says Canada will lead one of NATO’s four new battle groups being established on the alliance’s eastern flank as part of its stepped up deterrent against Russia. What a bad Joke, Canada has already suffered many negative repercussions form Russia in the past for interference into Russian Affairs.

Ukraine president Petro Poroschenko rages still against Russia .“ The warmongering system of NATO is in the process of intensifying the preparations for a war against Russia, and Canada is supplying sniper rifles so the Ukrainians can murder also innocent women and children in the separatist region of Ukraine. NATO is intensifying the training and armament of troops in Georgia and Ukraine, Russia threatens WAR with Georgia as country on brink of joining Nato, Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned NATO’s intentions to admit Georgia could renew hostilities. labelled NATO’s commitment to bring Georgia into its ranks as “an absolute irresponsible position and a threat to peace,, Under NATO rules, countries with territorial conflicts cannot join the alliance. That prospect of Ukraine acceptance into NATO has been something of a quagmire for allies — reasonable on its face, but also bringing with it political ramifications that could ultimately erupt into a war with Russia too.Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina arguing that relations with Moscow may be beyond salvageable anyway. The US President Donald Trump Trump challenges Nato’s anti-Russian activities,


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