Once again Ukraine goes back on it’s words, peace

Ukraine has proven over and over again it cannot be trusted to have peace in Ukraine. . Ukraine had agreed to trade a broad autonomy for the east to get back control of its Russian border by the end of this year under a peace deal hammered out  in negotiations between Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany. […]

7,500 Ukrainian soldiers facing criminal charges by the war mongerers

Ukraine’s parliament has passed a law which authorizes commanding officers to use physical force against army defectors. It comes as the latest military draft has seen a lack of enthusiasm on the part of potential soldiers. Nearly 7,500 Ukrainian soldiers are already facing criminal charges for evading military service. Ukraine  had  began a military assault on eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk and […]

Vladimir Putin the Russian Hero

 . Vladimir Putin has the most improved reputation of public figures in 2015, according to a new YouGov profiles analysis. Mr Putin’s reputation seemingly improved dramatically amongst British people mainly due to his handling of the Syrian crisis. . “Do you realize what you have done?” Vladimir Putin demanded at the United Nations in September. […]