Once again Ukraine goes back on it’s words, peace

Ukraine has proven over and over again it cannot be trusted to have peace in Ukraine. . Ukraine had agreed to trade a broad autonomy for the east to get back control of its Russian border by the end of this year under a peace deal hammered out  in negotiations between Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany. […]

Why does the New York Times lie about Putin and Russia

. As most Russians now see it and many others worldwide too  America still seeks an  unipolar/New World Order dominance with all nations bowing to its will thus a Longstanding US policy calls for world wide  regime change, Ordinary people are manipulated like pawns,  so even Russia next  is in the eye of the US storm. They want Russia co-opted. […]

Cyber Warfare

Sadly there is no life without conflict,  A WEBSITE affiliated with pro-Russia hackers took responsibility for an online attack that brought down key German government websites, including that of Chancellor Angela Merkel, for several hours. German officials said Ms Merkel’s website, http://www.bundeskanzlerin.de  as well as that of the German government, the lower house of parliament, […]