The causes of the refugees in Syria

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — Syria’s information minister says Europe should bear full responsibility for the flood of Syrian refugees streaming into the continent. The minister, Omran al-Zoubi, says that the migrants are mostly fleeing from areas held by rivals of President Bashar Assad’s government, including the Islamic State group.   European countries, “which sent terrorists” to Syria and imposed economic sanctions on the Syrian people, must take responsibility for their anti-Syria policies.. European countries have been harsh critics of Assad’s government and thousands of Islamic fighters from around the world, including Europe, have come to Syria to fight in extremist groups such as the IS against the  Syrian government forces.

Syria is a relatively new country: Its borders were constructed by European powers in the 1920s, mashing together several ethnic and religious groups.   Five years ago, Syria was the most stable country in the most turbulent region in the world. It had been so for decades This regime appeared stable, but when the false Islamic  Arab Spring protests began in 2011, it turned out not to be. The Sunni extremist group known as al-Qaeda in Iraq, which had been mostly defeated in 2007, was rebuilding itself. It grew strong fighting against Assad in Syria, and later swept northern Iraq under the new name ISIS. The United States should not have gone to war years ago to intervene forcefully in the Syrian civil war as  there should not be any external interference in the internal affairs of a country like Syria . And  there’s no bad terrorism and good terrorism. There’s only terrorism. We should all join hands together to fight terrorism.  Four years of civil war has turned Syria into a humanitarian tragedy. Tens of thousands of Syrians have lost their lives and millions have been rendered refugees. The chaos created by the war has helped the rise of terrorist groups such as the Islamic State. The war is not over yet. You lose some ground in certain battles to win bigger ones. The reality is that nobody is fighting the IS but the Syrian Army.

While the desperate flight of Syrians from their country’s war was dominating news bulletins this summer, the yet another diplomatic push to end the four-year-old conflict  is at a dead end and there is no solution in sight.  President Bashar al-Assad’s of Syria  appears confident of survival with backing from his Russian and Iranian allies.

Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni Muslim Gulf states , UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar. have reaffirmed their opposition to Assad, whom who has the support of Shi’ite in Iran, but have not said publicly how they intend to deal with the arrival of the Russian forces. The Gulf Arab states fund the Syrian rebels In Syria.

The election of Faisal bin Hassan Trad to chair a panel of independent experts on the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) follows a barrage of criticism aimed at the Saudi regime over its treatment of minorities and its apparent fondness for capital punishment. Mr Trad, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador at the UN in Geneva, was appointed to the role in June – shortly after the kingdom posted an advert for eight new executioners.  “Saudi Arabia has arguably the worst record in the world when it comes to religious freedom and women’s rights, and continues to imprison the innocent blogger Raif Badawi.”  Mr Badawi’s wife, Ensaf Haidar, who has been leading a campaign to free her husband, said the move gave Saudi Arabia “a green light to start flogging [him] again”. A 2015 Human Rights Watch report accused the Saudis of “systematic discrimination against women and religious minorities” and claimed “authorities subjected hundreds of people to unfair trials and arbitrary detention”. In the first six months of 2015, Saudi Arabia beheaded more than 100 people. Decapitations, whippings and mutilations are common punishments for crimesA year ago the world witnessed a new phenomenon  the Arab Spring . Instead of asserting democracy and protecting the rights of the minority, major attempts were being made to depose an enemy violently  and to stage a coup, which tended only to result in the replacement of one dominant force with another, even a  more aggressive religious force, or Muslim terrorists..The Arab Spring has graphically demonstrated their Islamic religious bias .

The main objective of Syria’s enemies from day one of the crisis was regime change and destabilisation of the country. That’s part of the reasons that  we have this humanitarian refugee situation now  The solution to the refugees is very simple. Stop arming the rebels, mercenaries, close the borders and there should be an international will to fight all terrorism. Unless and until you close the border and remove the terror infrastructure, you can’t defeat them. So you also must put pressure on those countries supporting and sponsoring terrorism, specially  the US, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The U.S. sends food and medical supplies —  weapons — to Syrian rebels.   The USA has been systematically destroying Syria , bombing infrastructure which has left people with no water, electricity or means to provide food. This made life impossible, so they had to leave. Now Europe has to pay. Obama is disguisting and inhumane! He should be tried for crimes against humanity for his bombing campaign in Syria 

Also there’s no solution to the current Syrian crisis without the current Syrian president and the Syrian government.  France  has refused to carry out strikes in Syria on fears that foreign intervention will escalate the refugee problems.. France’s priority remains finding a credible political alternative to escaltaing the war in Syria.

There are more than 10,000 Turkish nationals fighting alongside the IS in Syria. Among them are some officers of the Turkish Army. When the IS took members of the Turkish consulate in Mosul [Iraq], all of them were released immediately. None of them were harmed. That indicates that there’s collaboration between the IS terrorist organisation and the government of [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan [Turkey’s President].


European Union’s outside borders must be strictly controlled in the face of a huge surge of  mostly Islamic  refugees, economic  Immigrants. 80percent are not from Syria and are Muslims.  Austria, Germany introduced temporary border controls Sunday to stem the tide of thousands of refugees streaming across its frontier, “The aim of this measure is to limit the current influx to Germany and to return to orderly entry procedures,” Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere told reporters. “This is also urgently necessary for security reasons.” A border checks allow officials to turn back anyone lacking valid papers to enter.. Slovakia has renewed checks on its borders with Hungary and Austria due to the immigration crisis. Let the Muslim countries take the Muslim refugees.

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban defended his tough stance against the many refugees by that his  country’s borders must be defended as Europe’s identity was rooted in Christianity, while most of the migrants arriving on the continent were Muslims.  European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker had a proposal redistributing 160,000 refugees throughout the continent, but he faces opposition from some member states, particularly in Eastern Europe. , Mr. Orban  said  that the migrants should return to the countries they came from. “These migrants don’t come from the war zone, but from camps in Syria’s neighboring countries Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, where they were in safety” and thus didn’t flee for fear of their lives, but for wanting a better life. They are economic refugees.  People from other Middle East and North African countries try to better their odds for staying by passing as refugees from Syrian civil war. Too many Migrants Pose as Syrians to Open Door to Asylum in Europe. , a Syrian from Aleppo, looked around the underground concourse packed with new arrivals like himself. Judging from their accents and dialects, he reckoned that little more than 10% of them were Syrian. But he saw many more passing themselves off as Syrians.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had a meeting with his Czech counterpart Milos Zeman.  The Czech politician proposed creating mobile anti-terrorist group and asked Putin’s support in the endeavor. –

WARSAW, Poland — Thousands held opposing rallies Saturday in several Polish cities, marching against hosting asylum seekers and others. Some 10,000   marched in the rain through downtown Warsaw, waving national white-and-red flags and chanting “Today refugees, tomorrow terrorists!” and “Poland, free of Islam!”  “The refugees are threat to our culture, they will not assimilate with our society,”  Similar  con rallies were held in Gdansk, Krakow, Poznan and Szczecin .  Warsaw has agreed to receive 2,000 within two years and says it has capacity for more provided they are refugees, not economic migrants.

Almost all Major media, lies,is a slanted reports on “migrants”and does not represent genuine freugees..

Demonstrations and counter-demonstrations for both sides of the “refugee” question took place all over Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic on September nexy many wereown reealityred, not at all surprised by the media’s dishonest representation of what happened. It was an instructive reminder of the power they have to promote their realities, agenda again.

The media writes think all of Europe is ready to embrace the hordes coming from Syria and elsewhere? It’s not true at all.

” Krakow authorities gave permission to both pro- and anti-migrant groups to organize marches on the same day but at different times for public safety reasons. a beautiful Saturday in September, so they didn’t exactly stand out. If you didn’t know that this was the beginning of a “demonstration,” you would never have guessed. The pro- amigrant groups was rounded out with a few naive fellow-traveller types and a handful of people who appeared to have a Middle Eastern or North African background. I assume they were invited to give the whole thing an air of authenticity.

The counter-demonstration began about two hours laterand there were about ten times as many participants. There were more police than at the earlier march, but that was simply a reflection of the much larger number of people, and did not indicate an elevated perceived risk.

The false media spin A few hours later, I checked the online versions of several local and national newspapers. They went so far as to warn anyone who wrote offensive comments about refugees that their IP address would be shared with the public prosecutor for possible charges of incitement to racial hatred. This ban on comments was immoral. Every mainstream publication in Poland has the same position as their counterparts in Western media: You are either sympathetic to the refugees or you are a horrible person.

One article went on to tell us all about the “demonstration in support of refugees” but didn’t include one word about the counter-march that was at least ten times bigger. Gazeta Krakowska still allows comments on “refugee” stories, and the paper got a flood that must be a new record–with a good 90 percent against letting in foreigners. There are lots of variations of clever replies to the “I want an Arab neighbor” line, such as, “Fine, when are you leaving?”, etc. Polish television coverage was essentially the same, with every story insisting that support for the “pro” side was strong everywhere or at least equal to that of the other side. This comes as a surprise to anyone who was actually there, and social media is full of Poles asking where these allegedly huge groups of “refugee” supporters were.

It’s a good question. They weren’t in Krakow, I can tell you that. But you’d never know if you weren’t there yourself Polish television coverage was essentially the same, with every story insisting that support for the “pro” side was strong everywhere or at least equal to that of the other side. This comes as a surprise to anyone who was actually there, and social media is full of Poles asking where these allegedly huge groups of “refugee” supporters were. It’s a good question. They weren’t in Krakow, I can tell you that. But you’d never know if you weren’t there yourself

In fact, it is not Russian aggression that threatens Europe. Europe is facing the danger of Washington-generated Islamization that will deprive Europe of cultural and Christian identity.

The principle of defending state sovereignty is widely touted among Russian analysts, not least for self-preservation: Many fear that Moscow might be the eventual target if regime change gains momentum. Recent sanctions over Ukraine only reinforce this siege mentality. For years, the U.S. has denied that Russia, the two countries are on different sides of an important conceptual dispute about the nature of sovereignty.

“We support the Syrian government in its efforts against terrorist aggression,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a security summit in Tajikistan’s capital, Dushanbe, on Tuesday. He added that Russia would “provide and continue to provide the necessary military and technical help, and call on other countries to join us.”  “If Russia didn’t support Syria, then the situation in that country would be even worse than in Libya, and the flow of refugees would be even greater,” Putin said. Russia has long voiced fears over the rise of Islamic extremist groups in the Middle East. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in July that over 2,000 Russian citizens are fighting for ISIS, while analysts suggest the figure may be several times higher.Assad echoed Putin’s comments by claiming Western countries’ support of Syrian opposition groups was the cause of Europe’s refugee crisis. “As long as they follow this propaganda, they will have more refugees,” Assad said. “If you are worried about them, stop supporting terrorists.” “The west  falsely has been expecting players such as Russia to one day see the light and to change their posture. They have instead  been gradually escalating their support for the regime for some time. ”

In a statement, the Donald Trump  Presidential campaign said: “  The bigger issue is that Obama is waging a war against Christians in this country. Christians need support in this country. Their religious liberties are at stake.”

Obama has supported the Islamic Arabic spring cause he himself is a Muslim and not a Christian. While Obama is covering up all symbols of Christianity in America,  Obama, who was born and raised Muslim, has never been a Christian even though he has pretended to be. Obama,  , was backed and sponsored also by the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) who helped to  PLACE  him in office. He has openly declared war on the church, and Christians. When he would go to speak in places like Georgetown University and other religious based institutions, he insisted that all symbols of Christianity, even the cross, be covered.

One may  wonder why refugees from Iraq, Syria and Africa do not go to Australia, the USA and Canada. Why don’t they also escape to neighboring well-to-do countries, such as Turkey, Lebanon and  Jordan?  Turkey and neighboring Arab countries do not allocate public funds to maintain refugees.

Polls show that most Americans are against military action in Syria.   Indirectly addressing why the U.S. wasn’t going through the U.N., Ambassador Samantha Power accused Russia, a permanent member of the Security Council, of holding the body “hostage.” Backed by China, it has repeatedly refused to sanction Assad.  Nato is sharply divided, with individual members including Canada, Germany and Italy making clear they will not take part in any US-led attack on Syria without full UN authorization.  Cairo opposed US action at a time of heightened sensitivities about any kind of western involvement in the region.  Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says his response to Russia’s stepped up military support for Syria is that “there is no military solution” to the nearly five-year conflict and more weapons will only worsen the violence and misery for millions of people

An Assad collapse potentially leaves Syria as one mega-jihadist state, or splintered into two or more Islamist states. Often forgotten in the West is that the majority of Christians in Syria, the land of one of the oldest Patriarchates in Christendom (the Patriarchate of Antioch) — founded by Peter and Paul in 34 AD before Peter founded the Holy See in Rome — is resident in Damascus and has collegial relations with the Patriarchate of Moscow..  Mr. Putin had become a born-again Christian. Indeed, Vladimir Putin had a huge statue of Jesus erected in Vladivostok on two hectares of land overlooking the sea on the Churkin Peninsula donated by a local businessman.  Mr. Putin, who portrays himself as the “defender of the faith” of Orthodox values, has a close alliance with the Moscow Patriarchate and its Eastern Orthodox interpretation of history.  The Christian Churches of the Middle East welcome Russia and ask for its assistance in the face of the jihadi onslaught. The ancient Orthodox Church of Antioch and the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem welcomed Russian involvement. The most high-ranking and politically active Palestinian clergyman, Archbishop Theodosius Atallah Hanna expressed his hope the Russians will bring peace to Syria and the refugees will return home. The Kremlin sees Syria as part of Russia’s sphere of influence, and is keen on maintaining its place on the world stage and in the Middle East. In addition, the Russian Orthodox Church, which is closely tied to the Kremlin, sees involvement in Syria as necessary to protect Christians from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and other extremists.

Vladimir Putin is a hero of Christendom but in America, Putin is always portrayed as a communist dictator with many protesters against him. Yet, he is not a member of the communist party and the KGB no longer exists. They never show the millions of Russians who love him for saving Russia and his true beliefs. Why is the truth not reported? There is a reason. The western media thinks they can hide the truth and lie and get away with it.

EU is a puppet of Obama, and has done his war biddings against Syria. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s principal backers are Russia and Iran, while the United States, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates back the armed opposition to Assad. The US led The war is not succeeding, as far as the coalition is concerned, despite the continual and very, very heavy use of air power,”  Arab  countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia  in Syria are bankrolling Syrian rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad.  And wealthy Gulf citizens — with or without their governments’ knowledge — have helped fund the rise of Syria’s jihadists,   And alongside Assad’s troops,

In the coming weeks thousands of Russian military personnel are set to touch down in Syria, including advisors, instructors, logistics personnel, technical personnel, members of the aerial protection division, and the pilots who will operate the aircraft. Russians had been fighting rebel forces. using one of the Russian army’s latest and most advanced armoured cars. The Russians have been there a long time,” and their numbers have increased in recent weeks.  Iran and Russia, which have heavily backed Mr. Assad  Russia had sent an expeditionary force to Syria to set up at a forward operating base and prepare for air strikes against Assad’s enemies by Russian aircraft flown by Russian pilots.   Putin admitted, “we are already giving Syria quite serious help with equipment and training soldiers, with our weapons.” Both the US’s and Russia’s actions  could further escalate the conflict, lead to greater loss of innocent life, increase refugee flows and risk more confrontation.”

The article may sound like a script for an apocalyptical motion picture, a fruit of someone’s imagination. If so, think of the war in Ukraine that seemed to be unreal to all two years ago. –

It is undebatable  that  Russian Jews  were behind Communism in Russia.. Communist Jews are trying to  take over the politics in US, Canada anywhere where there are Christians . The governments have a way of blinding us and dividing us without us even noticing.

 The United States and the West, have let  the conflict fester for more than four years while   causing so many refugee people to flee So next the US and Obama started war  is responsible for the vast number of  Syrian war refuses trying to enter the west and EU. on why more than four million Syrians have fled their country.

Refugees see hope in Europe, not in the Gulf.  “The Arab nations of the Persian Gulf have some the world’s highest per capita incomes. Their leaders speak passionately about the plight of Syrians, and their state-funded news media cover the Syrian civil war without cease. Yet as millions of Syrian refugees languish elsewhere in the Middle East and many have risked their lives to reach Europe or died along the way, Gulf nations have agreed to resettle only a surprisingly small number of refugees. “   Jordan,   has an annual per capita income of $11,000 and has received 630,000 refugees. Lebanon is richer, but has more than 1.2 million Syrians, making them about one-quarter of the population. The United States  has agreed to resettle about 1,500 Syrians..

The United States’ recent promise to take in 5,000 to 8,000 Syrian refugees next year is still far too small. Western officials are  shedding “crocodile tears” over the plight of Syrians. European and American officials facing their shortsighted policies must welcome more Syrian refugees  and  the United States   keeps pretending the refugee catastrophe is a European problem.

 Human rights organizations say it is insulting that the United States is preparing to take in only 10,000 Syrian refugees next fiscal year, and rallied outside the White House on Wednesday to demand the country accept 100,000 Syrians … Seven in 10 Canadians support increasing the number of refugees from Syria, and a majority agree with the idea of airlifting Syrian refugees at Canada’s expense,
Father Dergham of Australia said he supported a   proposal last week for the government to prioritise Christians, he justified this saying he had seen Christian people be personally persecuted in Syria, and (non-christian) militants causing disruptions and so many young Australians trying to join ISIS.  The jihadis see themselves at the vanguard of a war that many among them believed had been preordained in the formative days of Islam. One of the earliest sayings of the Prophet Muhammad –  mentions Dabiq as the location of a fateful showdown between Christians and Muslims which will be a precursor to the apocalypse. According to another prophecy, this confrontation will come after a period of truce between Muslims and Christians, during which Muslims – and only puritanical Sunnis fit the definition – would fight an undefined enemy, which in northern Syria today is deemed to be “Persians”. “The Hour will not be established until the Romans [Christians] land at Dabiq,” the hadith says. “Then an army from Medina of the best people on the earth at that time will leave for them … So they will fight them. Then one third of [the fighters] will flee; Allah will never forgive them. One third will be killed; they will be the best martyrs with Allah. And one third will conquer them; they will never be afflicted with sorrow. Then they will conquer Constantinople.”  “The Hour will not be established until the Romans [Christians] land at Dabiq,” the hadith says. “Then an army from Medina of the best people on the earth at that time will leave for them … So they will fight them. Then one third of [the fighters] will flee; Allah will never forgive them. One third will be killed; they will be the best martyrs with Allah. And one third will conquer them; they will never be afflicted with sorrow. Then they will conquer Constantinople.”  Islamic  men from all over the world have chosen to fight in a brutal and apocalyptic war; of what drew them to the battlefields of Iraq and Syria; and of what has kept many of them there as Europe and the west have scrambled to stem the flow, first of their own nationals fleeing to join Isis and now of millions of refugees fleeing the other way. All of these men believe  that by travelling to fight for the caliphate, they were standard-bearers of their faith. They also felt sure they were acting to restore Islam to its lost glories – and had a sense of privilege and pride that their generation was the one that had been chosen to right the wrongs of the past. For many of them  joining the jihad was an entirely practical obligation, necessary to restore the caliphate and bring on the prophecy of the end times  as they were transforming the battle for Syria’s destiny from a fight against one type of tyranny into nihilistic chaos.

So why are our Western leaders — President Obama,   Prime Minister Stephen Harper,  Prime Minister Tony Abbott and  others — doing so little? Resettling refugees, they fear, will trigger an even greater exodus, and they don’t know how they  could handle the chaos that would result. They are reaping what the had firstly sowed. Perhaps the most sobering thing about the  Syrian refugees arriving in Europe is the fact they are just the tip of the iceberg.

Only 20 per cent of the non-EU citizens claiming to be Syrian Refugees who migrate to Europe are from Syria.” There are many fake Syrian passports around,” There are people who buy fake Syrian With the EU’s asylum system now in danger of collapse, and countries unable to conduct proper background checks on the migrants they are registering – in some cases not even registering them – it is not known how many migrants have arrived without documents falsely claiming to be Syrian. the numbers of refugees in Turkey, Lebanon and elsewhere dwarf the number who have fled to Europe: Still the numbers of refugees in Turkey, Lebanon and elsewhere dwarf the number who have fled to Europe:

The EU sanctions against Russia have backfired.. West is likely to wind up compromising with Russia due to the escalating refugee problems. A solution in Syria means that the fraught issue of migration to Europe will ease. Germany and France are re-assessing the possibilities for future interaction with Russia.

Then there’s the question of EU  security. any definitive screening will be next to impossible. Even if the vetting is perfect, the lesson of Somali refugees in the United States is that a poorly assimilated population of Muslim immigrants can provide a recruiting pool for radicals.  The displaced Syrian refugees should find refuge — just not necessarily here or in the West. There are any number of nearby Muslim countries that are obvious destinations.

In France, Britain, Germany, America and nearly every other country in the world it remains government policy to say that any and all attacks carried out in the name of Mohammed have ‘nothing to do with Islam’. In private, they and their senior advisers often concede that they are telling a lie. The most sympathetic explanation is that they are telling a ‘noble lie’, provoked by a fear that we — the general public — are a lynch mob in waiting. ‘Noble’ or not, this lie is a mistake. Because the truth is there for all to see. To claim that people who punish people by killing them for blaspheming Islam while shouting ‘Allah is greatest’ has ‘nothing to do with Islam’ is madness. Because the violence of the Islamists is, truthfully, only to do with Islam: the worst version of Islam, certainly, but Islam nonetheless. Islam is not a peaceful religion. It is not surprising that politicians have tried to avoid this debate by spinning a lie. The world would be an infinitely safer place if the historical Mohammed had behaved more like Buddha or Jesus. But he did not. There are many peaceful verses in the Quran which — luckily for us — most Muslims live by. But it is by no means only a religion of peace. Mohammed didn’t welcome a critic. Asma bint Marwan was a female poetess who mocked the ‘Prophet’ and who, as a result, Mohammed had killed. It is in the texts, it was in the Hadith. And what of hundreds of Jews Mohammed beheaded with his own hand. In December, al-Azhar University in Cairo declared that although Isis members are terrorists they cannot be described as heretics, they are Muslims.



Too many Islamist extremists want to terrorize the western world, as “They hate our freedoms: our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other.” Canadians “are targeted by these terrorists for no other reason than that we are Canadians. They want to harm us because they hate our society and the values it represents.” Many Muslims have suffered at the hands local dictators is not a valid excuse for their poor acts too..

The mostly Ungodly western media reports how many Muslims are being killed while neglecting to write about how many Christians are also being killed in the same Islamic Countries. The Jewish influence.



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